Barcelona gives nod to pursuit of rising star Messinho

Estevão Willian / Getty Images
Estevão Willian / Getty Images

Barcelona to move for Brazilian wonderkid Messinho.

Barcelona has given the green light for the pursuit of Estevão Willian ‘Messinho,’ showcasing their determination to secure his signature. According to Roger Torelló of Mundo Deportivo, the club, in collaboration with Messinho’s agent André Cury, is actively engaging in negotiations with Palmeiras. While Palmeiras respects the player’s decision, discussions with Barcelona need to precede any finalization.

The delay in officially closing the deal is attributed to La Liga’s Financial Fair Play (FFP) constraints, with Barcelona currently prioritizing other matters. Moreover, the timing of Messinho’s potential arrival is set for the summer of 2025, coinciding with his 18th birthday, as per the regulations.

The proposed strategy involves an initial nominal payment to Palmeiras, with a substantial portion of the fee deferred until Messinho’s actual transition to Barcelona in approximately one and a half years. Despite the intricate FFP considerations, both parties are committed to working out an arrangement that aligns with the regulations.

Messinho’s unwavering desire to exclusively play for Barcelona is mirrored by the sentiments of his agent and family, who regard Barcelona as the ideal club. The Catalan club, recognizing Messinho’s potential to leave a lasting impact and endorsed by the admiration of figures like Deco, is keen to facilitate the operation’s successful conclusion through collaborative efforts.