Barcelona have not yet received solid offers for the naming rights of the Camp Nou

Empty Camp Nou during matchday FC Barcelona v Las Palmas 2017/18 // ALEX CAPARROS GETTY IMAGES EUROPE
Empty Camp Nou during matchday of LaLiga FC Barcelona v Las Palmas 2017/18 // ALEX CAPARROS GETTY IMAGES EUROPE

The naming rights of the Camp Nou are made available to the Fundación Barça in order to raise income through the acquisition of a company with sufficient funds, with these revenues being able to help combat the coronavirus pandemic in Spain. 

The sale of these rights, as the club has reported, will be only for the 2020-21 season and the name of the Camp Nou would be kept, but now accompanied by the name of the company that acquires the title rights. 

ESPN has reported that the Catalan club is willing to listen to offers. Barcelona is open to the possibility of any interested company and none will be ruled out, as long as the interested companies or brands are considered ‘serious’ and professional. 

So far, according to the same report, there are no solid offers regarding the purchase of the Camp Nou title rights. Still, there has been speculation around two potential companies: ACS — a construction company owned by Real Madrid’s club president, Florentino Pérez, and more recently the SwissX cannabis company owned by Mike Tyson and Alki David. 

In recent days there have been rumors about a more advanced interest from the cannabis company SwissX and its intention to obtain the rights to name the stadium as the company. 

A source close to the negotiations for naming rights has reported to the ESPN news outlet that there has been no contact with SwissX and that no specific offer has been made in this regard. In the same report, it has been said that from within the club there are those who understand the need to contribute help the consequences due to the pandemic as a good cause, but think that they should first bring order to the internal financial situation in the club, before worrying about external problems.

Before the idea came to light in order to minimize the effects of the pandemic, Barcelona’s president, Josep Bartomeu, had launched the idea of ​​seeking an agreement for the stadium’s name rights and thus finance the renovation and construction of the well-known Espai Barça. 

At the moment the intention is to change the name for just one season for a good cause, however, it would be the first time in its history that the mythical largest stadium in Europe would have a different name than the one we all know — Camp Nou.