Barcelona Reveals New Camp Nou Plans, Targeting 125th Anniversary for Reopening

Image of how the new Camp Nou will look / Getty Images
Image of how the new Camp Nou will look / Getty Images

Barcelona unveils plans for the new Camp Nou renovation.

A week ago, Barcelona presented all the details of the new Camp Nou at the College of Architects of Catalonia. The stadium renovation is progressing well, but it seems unlikely that the team will be able to return to play by November as originally planned.

However, according to Ivan San Antonio of SPORT, the club is still preparing for the comeback to Les Corts, aiming to coincide with the entity’s 125th anniversary on November 29, with a capacity for 60,000 fans in the first and second tiers initially. The complete stadium is expected to be finished by June 2026. With over 80,000 season ticket holders, exceeding the available seats in the first phase, the club has surveyed members to understand their preferences and intentions for the return to Camp Nou. Barcelona seeks to directly ascertain which season ticket holders plan to request seating in the stadium and, if so, whether they prefer a fixed or rotating location.

This survey emphasizes the importance of this decision, suggesting that opting for fixed seating could potentially limit attendance opportunities for some members, while rotating seating would allow more flexibility for attendance at most matches. The club also confirms in the survey that there will be no “Seient Lliure” (free seating), hinting indirectly that the return is expected “midway” through the next season, suggesting that reopening in November, with only three months of official competition, would be highly challenging.