Barcelona set their sights on Jurgen Klopp

Jurgen Klopp / Edit by Hafed Almadani
Jurgen Klopp / Edit by Hafed Almadani

Barcelona has chosen Jurgen Klopp as their number one target for the managerial role.

The manager transfer market is buzzing with activity following Xavi’s announcement, and FC Barcelona is acutely aware that choosing the right successor is paramount. The future of the club’s sporting endeavours hinges on selecting the right leader for the upcoming season. The unexpected departure of the current coach, announced by Joan Laporta and the sports management led by Deco, has prompted the need for a new roadmap, extending at least until June 2026, the end of the current mandate.

According to Ivan San Antonio of SPORT, the board of directors is taking a cautious approach, intending to take two or three weeks to carefully consider the available options. Two distinct courses of action are currently under consideration. One option involves placing faith in a young and promising coach willing to embark on an ambitious project with Barcelona. Former Blaugrana players, equipped with experience from their time at the club, are also being considered for this role. Notable names in this category include Míchel (Girona), Motta (Bologna), Conceiçao (Porto), De Zerbi (Brighton), Arteta (Arsenal), or even Rafa Márquez (Barça Atlètic). This path requires thorough exploration, with all possible scenarios analyzed for their pros and cons.

The second option, seemingly more convincing at the moment, focuses on securing a proven coach with the ability to manage a squad of Barcelona’s calibre. Recognizing the challenges that come with leading the culé team, the club insists that only a respected figure with experience and the necessary authority can handle the role. Jurgen Klopp, a long-standing desire of the president, emerges as a prominent name in this category. Klopp’s past appearances in meetings during the president’s second term indicate mutual interest, though no agreement was reached due to various constraints. However, the situation has changed, as Klopp has announced his departure from Liverpool after nine seasons, citing exhaustion and a desire for a sabbatical year.

Klopp’s attraction to coaching in Spain is a factor that Barcelona considers advantageous. While the German coach plans to take a sabbatical year, the club believes it can present compelling arguments to entice him to reconsider. The real challenge lies in crafting a convincing project that aligns with Klopp’s vision, requiring the financial resources that Barcelona currently lacks. The possibility of making significant signings hinges on selling players first. While many steps must be taken before reaching a decision, Jürgen Klopp remains the preferred choice for Barcelona.