Bartomeu could resign if the vote of no-confidence goes ahead, reports

Things are not looking good for Barcelona and Josep Bartomeu, with six board directors handing in a joint resignation / GONZALO ARROYO MORENO/GETTY IMAGES EUROPE

Multiple reports are suggesting that Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu could resign if a vote of no-confidence referendum goes ahead.

On Sunday October 25th, Spain declared a state of emergency due to the rapid increase in coronavirus cases. The board does not want to hold a referendum when the country is in such a critical state.

Therefore, if the Catalan government gives the “all clear” for the vote of no-confidence to go ahead on the 1st and 2nd of November, the board could resign.

On Monday at 1.30pm, the board will host their usual meeting. The meeting will most likely present two different possibilities with regards to the vote of no-confidence:

Option 1: The vote of no-confidence is postponed due to the country being in a stage of emergency

Option 2: The board resigns. If the Catalan government forces the club to hold the referendum on 1st and 2nd of November, the board could resign because they don’t want the club members to vote when the country is in a state of emergency.

Over the last week, the club has been in the process of planning how they are going to host the vote of no-confidence referendum against President Bartomeu and his board of directors.

Representatives from FC Barcelona recently met with Catalan authorities to discuss the logistics behind how the referendum is going to be carried out. They didn’t expect there to be any obstacles with regards to the pandemic. The club have asked to hold the referendum on November 15th and 16th, to have time to organize the vote.

The campaign to get president Bartomeu removed from his position started back in August, the day after Leo Messi told the club that he wanted to leave. The campaign “Més que una moció” managed to gather over 20 000 signatures. The final stage involves holding a referendum where the Barcelona members will vote to decide the board’s future.