Club Insists on Sergi Roberto’s Importance for the Next Season

Sergi Roberto / Getty Images
Sergi Roberto / Getty Images

Sergi Roberto’s future at FC Barcelona remains uncertain as no concrete offer or call from the club has been received.

The future of Sergi Roberto remains uncertain. Xavi Hernández expressed support for his continuity months ago, and his influence in the locker room is valued at Camp Nou, but the captain has not received a call or a concrete proposal from the club, at least as of today, according to Gabriel Sans of Mundo Deportivo. Club sources insist, as reported earlier by this newspaper, that Barcelona counts on the midfielder for the upcoming season, although ultimately it will also depend on the opinion of the next coach. They claim that his renewal is on the table of the sports management, but no one has conveyed it to him concretely.

However, both parties agree that it is not the time to engage in negotiations that would distract him from a competition with two titles at stake. The season is entering the final stretch, and teams are waiting for a response, especially from the MLS.

Sergi Roberto will not push for his continuity if he feels that he is not wanted if he does not sense mutual trust. So much has happened that his maturity allows him to see the real situation. His recent renewals have been year by year, last-minute, and always at a reduced rate. The sports management values Sergi Roberto’s attitude as captain and the way he makes the most of the few minutes he gets. In the locker room, they also consider Sergi Roberto’s contribution to the squad and, above all, his influence on the younger players, such as Cubarsí, Fort, or Guiu, and his way of bridging the gap with the newly arrived older players at the club, stars like Lewandowski or Gündogan.