Deco discusses Barcelona’s next coach Post-Xavi era

Deco / Getty Images
Deco / Getty Images

Deco speaks to La Vanguardia providing updates about Barcelona’s sports sector.

Deco, FC Barcelona’s Sporting Director, faces a challenging decision as he must select a successor for Xavi, who unexpectedly announced his departure at the end of the season. In an interview with La Vanguardia, Deco expressed his surprise at Xavi’s decision, mentioning their ongoing plans for the team and the renewal of Xavi’s contract for the next season.

Regarding President Laporta’s stance, Deco revealed that Laporta wanted to support Xavi until the end of his term, but it was Xavi who opted for a shorter contract. Deco also addressed the underappreciation of the league title won the previous year, stating that it deserved more recognition despite fan celebration.

Deco empathizes with Xavi’s frustration over not feeling valued, acknowledging the high expectations but also highlighting Xavi’s courage in taking on the club at a crucial time. Regarding the search for Xavi’s successor, Deco clarified that no coaches have been approached yet, and the decision will be a collective one by the club.

Deco emphasized maintaining the team’s style of play in the selection process and mentioned the importance of ambition, hunger, and understanding for the incoming coach. He also challenged the notion that Pep Guardiola’s arrival in 2008 was a massive overhaul, noting the strong squad he inherited but acknowledging Guardiola’s role in elevating player performance.

As the person responsible for selecting the next coach, Deco faces the challenge of finding a leader who can achieve success and maintain the team’s playing style with limited financial resources.

On La Liga, Deco remains optimistic, stating that the league is far from over and emphasizing the importance of competing well. He redirected the focus from Champions League aspirations to the ongoing battles in La Liga.

Deco also shared his thoughts on the VAR system, expressing confusion similar to that of many fans and addressing the appeal plans for Vitor Roque’s second yellow card. Lastly, he humorously dismissed the ‘Negreira case,’ reminiscing about the contributions of various players during his playing days and rejecting the idea that external factors influenced their success.