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Deco offers insights into Barça’s current state and future direction

Deco / Esport 3
Deco / Esport 3

Deco gives a comprehension analysis of the current situation at Barcelona.

In a recent interview with Esport 3, Deco, a former FC Barcelona midfielder, shared his thoughts on a range of topics concerning the club’s present challenges and future prospects. From managerial departures to potential coaching candidates and player acquisitions, Deco provided valuable insights into the inner workings of one of football’s most iconic institutions.

Regarding the recent sanction imposed on Vitor Roque, Deco expressed his bewilderment, stating, “These are things that are difficult to understand and scare us, but we have to continue. We have already said what we had to say.” The sentiment reflects a sense of frustration within the club over certain administrative decisions.

Deco didn’t mince words when discussing the contentious issue of VAR. He criticized its perceived lack of fairness, stating, “VAR is not helping us, and we are not clear that things are being done fairly. What is happening does not help football. There are many things to improve.”

The unexpected departure of Xavi as manager came as a surprise to many, including Deco. He revealed, “At the end of the season, we considered renewing Xavi. Xavi did not want a long contract because if he did not win, it would weigh heavily.” Despite this, Deco emphasized the club’s respect for Xavi’s decision and underscored the challenge of envisioning the future without him.

Deco also addressed the criticism levelled at Xavi, emphasizing the importance of recognizing his efforts in rebuilding the team. “Xavi’s work is for the club. I would give him a 10 because we are the current League champion. It seems that Madrid has already won the League. The titles are decided at the end, and there is a lot left,” he remarked.

On the topic of selecting a new coach, Deco emphasized the need for careful consideration and collaboration. “I haven’t started talking to any coach because we are still assimilating the goodbye to Xavi. We talk a lot with the president, and the decision will be joint,” he explained.

Deco also touched upon potential coaching candidates, including Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola, whom he holds in high regard. However, he clarified that discussions with any coach have not yet begun, highlighting the club’s focus on the ongoing season and its remaining objectives.

In terms of player acquisitions, Deco stressed the importance of maintaining and improving the squad’s quality. He expressed skepticism about selling key players like Araujo and De Jong to fund high-profile signings like Mbappé, stating that such moves could weaken the team.

Deco also provided insights into specific player transfers, including the acquisitions of Cancelo and Joao Félix, as well as the club’s efforts to secure the future of promising talents like Lamine Yamal and Aleix Garcia.

Deco’s remarks offer a glimpse into the complexities and challenges facing FC Barcelona as they navigate a period of transition and seek to uphold their storied legacy in the world of football.