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Deco speaks out on Barcelona’s direction and coaching decisions revealed

Deco / FC Barcelona
Deco / FC Barcelona

Recap of Deco’s interview with Catalunya Ràdio.

In a recent interview with Catalunya Ràdio, former Barcelona midfielder Deco offered valuable insights into the club’s current state, coaching decisions, and playing philosophy.

Addressing the departure of Xavi Hernandez as coach, Deco clarified, “Leaving has been Xavi’s decision and if something changes it has to be his decision. If this happens, we will talk, we do not rule out anything.”

Deco emphasized the importance of timing and decision-making in the coaching process, stating, “When I say that we are not talking about the coach it is because we are not making any decision because it is early, because there are things still ahead.”

Reflecting on Xavi’s renewal and subsequent departure announcement, Deco expressed his desire for a longer-term commitment, stating, “I would like it not to be like that because we renewed Xavi because we believed in a longer-term project, you do it because you want him to stay.”

Praising Xavi’s character and impact on the team, Deco remarked, “Before I was here I hadn’t seen Xavi for years. He hasn’t changed his way of being, he’s positive, fun. I have a lot of respect, Barça is competing again.”

Looking ahead, Deco emphasized the importance of planning and continuity, stating, “The season is not over, there are many things ahead, titles and winning a team. This team has a cycle ahead of it, with young people and players that they want to continue.”

Discussing the club’s playing style and coaching philosophy, Deco stressed, “Barça has a way of playing and the coach must respect that idea, play a quality game, do things well, have the ball.”

Deco also highlighted the need for clarity in the club’s project before engaging with potential coaches, stating, “First of all, we have to know what we want. First, we have to know what project we are going to be able to have before talking to any coach.”

In assessing the squad’s strengths and challenges, Deco acknowledged, “The staff is very good, of quality. We have lost a quality player from Dembélé, and a tactical reference, which was Busquets. But the majority of the League champions stayed.”

Deco emphasized the importance of Barça’s playing philosophy in captivating fans, stating, “If you only compete and play well, you won’t make people fall in love with you. For this reason, Barça’s game has to be a football that makes you fall in love.”

Deco emphasized the significance of competition for young players’ growth, stating, “In soccer you have to play on merit, age doesn’t matter. Competition makes you grow.”

Deco’s insights shed light on Barcelona’s approach to coaching decisions, playing philosophy, and the club’s future trajectory. As they navigate through transitions and challenges, Barcelona remains committed to upholding their identity and pursuing success both on and off the pitch.