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Eduard Romeu Announces Resignation Amid Personal and Professional Struggles

Eduard Romeu / Getty Images
Eduard Romeu / Getty Images

Eduard Romeu emotionally explained his departure due to personal and professional reasons.

Emotional and at times with a trembling voice, addressing President Joan Laporta directly in a crowded Auditori 1899, FC Barcelona’s Economic Vice President, Eduard Romeu, has explained the reasons for his departure, primarily personal and professional.

The senior executive acknowledged that it was “difficult” to communicate his resignation, stating, “I had a lot of respect to stand in front of you to communicate my decision. I asked you to make it easy for me, and you did.” It was a statement without questions, which prevented uncovering if there was anything else, perhaps irreconcilable differences. Eduard Romeu, who will remain involved in matters of the Barça Foundation, explained that working at Barça gives you an “incredible” recognition and that in his personal life, the club was his priority, “but sometimes situations change.” And he has been unraveling this in an uninterrupted speech that lasted about ten minutes. “It has been two and a half intense years at the club; I was fully committed to Barça.” At this point, “there are complex decisions to be made, but the work is done.”

However, this dedication has forced him to neglect his personal obligations, he understands, and it’s because “we don’t get paid by the club.” Eduard Romeu explained that the obligation to “start projects that cost” conditions his presidential work. “It forces me to an absolute dedication that does not allow me to balance it.” He entered his more personal side. “In October, I had mortgage bills coming in, and we needed to live off something, in addition to paying commissions for guarantees, and we have controlled assets,” he argued.

In his speech, filled with much emotion, Eduard Romeu thanked the president for trusting in his professionalism. “I will always be grateful to have the honor of being in the club from within,” describing the experience as “wonderful.” And it wasn’t easy because “we were kids from Badalona landing in a club of Barcelona’s global dimensions.”

The notoriety of Barça and the situation was not easy. “On June 30th, I disengaged from the group I led. It has been two and a half intense years at Barça. I have to start new business projects, with complexity. I have chosen good travel companions, but I need an absolute dedication that does not allow me to balance my position at FC Barcelona,” he reiterated. The Economic Vice President referred to the team’s fundamental qualification for the Champions League quarter-finals, which will allow them to meet the budget and provide some economic relief. He commented, “We have to be very happy to have passed to the quarter-finals, and we have consolidated what we had budgeted. Job done.” “We have to adjust the 200 million, and all this had to be balanced with the viability plan, which had to be carried out in the shadow of extraordinary operations.”

He interspersed the reasons with reflections, such as “being vice president of Barça is an honor I had never dreamed of, and I will never be able to thank you enough, President. I want to thank my colleagues and the professionals in the house who have demonstrated this commitment to the club,” he emphasized. And his voice faltered again.

He wanted to thank all the members for their support in the electoral process and in Espai Barça. Also, to the press. “We are not a club of single thought, very universal, and to all, I would say that the enemy is outside,” a sentence he repeated twice. “When we started this, we all knew that there was no one to take on the situation of the club. Laporta’s courage and daring have made us capable. I have always worn the corporate tie, but I will never take it off,” he added, emotional.

There are moments when situations are complex, “but they are ahead,” referring to the board. “With this union of Barcelona supporters, be clear that the enemy is outside. To the media, when there has been an impossibility of addressing their concerns, such as confidentiality, it has been key for the club, not to hinder your work,” he concluded.