Exciting UEL clash ends in a 1-1 draw between Barça and Frankfurt

Xavi Hernández giving his team instructions in the match against Eintracht Frankfurt / FC BARCELONA

The first leg of the quarter finals clash between Barcelona and Frankfurt ended in a 1-1. However, it was an exciting match in which either of the two teams could have taken the victory and the lead. After the final whistle, Xavi, Ferran, Busquets and Eric García all spoke with the press.

Yesterday’s Europa League match against Eintracht Frankfurt was probably the most complicated one in Xavi’s tenure. During the first minutes, Barça was overwhelmed by Frankfurt’s intensity and tactics. The Catalan players could not connect and seemed lost on the pitch.

However, as the match developed we began to see the style of play that Hernández has implemented so well. Once Dembélé and de Jong jumped onto the pitch, the stage was set for a great turnaround in the match. Barcelona finished the match on equal terms and with a good result.

Here is what Barça’s manager, Xavi Hernández, had to say:

On the match

“They were a very physical, they had very quick transitions, we didn’t have the possession of the ball and the state of the pitch didn’t help us either. We leave quite satisfied and the Camp Nou will have to put pressure on them like their stadium did today.”

Regarding the goal

“In the end I think we generated mostly through the wings, although we didn’t take the best decisions in front of goal. Ferran’s goal was an amazing play, which Ousmane starts with Frenkie and ends with Ferran scoring.”

On Pique’s injury

“Piqué has been in pain for a long time and today he suffered, let’s see if he can recover in time.”

Ferran Torres, the hero for the Culés also spoke with the press:

Regarding the match

“The important thing is that we started losing and we managed to score a goal, we knew that it was a very difficult and very tough rival and now it’s time to play in our house.”

On his goal

“It was a good goal, we were patient, we went around the pitch from side to side and we made quick passes with Frenkie that ended in a goal. It is always important to score for those at up front but also for the whole team.”

Regarding the second leg at the Camp Nou

“It will be a tough game, it’s the Europa League and it’s the quarterfinals. But, first we have to think about the match on Sunday and then we’ll think about the second leg.”

On their aspiration

“We are Barça and we have to fight for all the competitions in which we are competing and of course the Europa League is an objective.”

The captain of the team, Sergio Busquets, expressed his point of view as well:

Regarding the difficulties of the match

“It was difficult for us to find superiority because they had very good tactics. The team has competed and has shown its tru colors. And next week it will be time to play the second leg at home with our fans.”

On the penalty that was overruled by the VAR

“I touched the ball, it was very clear to me, then with inertia I might have touched him a little but it was not a penalty. I was sure that the ref wasn’t going to call it, what surprises me is how quickly he signaled it.”

Regarding the goal

“It was a very good play and then with Frenkie and Ferran who made a couple of quick passes. This goal gives us a lot of life because we had come to win but it was very difficult and we have things to improve. Surely we will do better on the return leg with our fans.”

Finally, Eric García also gave a few words at the end of the match:

On the match

“They are a very physical team, with very good transitions, the state of the pitch did not helped but it is no excuse and the team has been improving. We will be better in the second leg.”

“The high pressure during the first half has surprised us, it was difficult for us to come out from the back. In the second part we took advantage of some transition. However, it was a close game.”

Regarding the second leg

“They will try to play the same type of game. We will have our fans. The atmosphere here was spectacular, against Galatasaray it was something like this. We hope that people come to the Camp Nou to cheer us on because we need them.”

“We know perfectly well where we come from, the results and now we just have to enjoy ourselves because we haven’t beaten them and when we go out on the pitch we have do it with the best attitude.”