False Rumor Circulates Online: Dani Alves Suicide Hoax Debunked

Dani Alves / Getty Images
Dani Alves / Getty Images

Rumor around Dani Alves’s suicide following his sentencing for sexual assault confirmed false.

Last night, an online rumor circulated that Dani Alves, who was sentenced to four and a half years in prison for sexual assault, had committed suicide. This news, originating from Brazil weeks after the sentencing, quickly spread, causing significant uncertainty on Twitter. Despite several Brazilian users reporting this information, the tweet with the most impact, attributed to user Paulo Alburquerque (@Al_buquerq), claimed that Dani Alves had taken his own life.

However, this information was soon debunked. Alves’s brother, Ney Alves, confirmed via Instagram that the former Barcelona, Juventus, and PSG player is alive, denouncing the cruelty of the situation. After sharing an image of the two brothers on the social network, Ney Alves expressed his wishes for Alves’s well-being and criticized those who spread the false news. Hours later, the same Twitter user retracted the claim, clarifying that he was referring to a missing cousin named Danielzinho from Nova Iguaçu. According to ‘Diario As’, Dani Alves’s advisors are considering legal action against this user.

This hoax emerged weeks after a fellow inmate of Alves in prison claimed that the Brians 2 center had activated suicide prevention protocols for fear that Alves would take his own life, a claim refuted by Penitentiary Institutions.