Barcelona Press conferences

FC Barcelona to hold elections around Christmas holidays

Carles Tusquets, the head of interim managing committee of FC Barcelona

Carles Tusquets, the interim president, has confirmed via a press conference that FC Barcelona are looking to call the elections as soon as possible, and the Christmas holidays seem like the most likely time period the elections would be held in. He said “We will do everything possible so that they can be carried out around those dates”. Tusquets stated they will propose a health calendar to the Catalan government so that maximum amount of socios can participate in the voting.

Further, Tusquets talked about the economic condition at the club. He labelled the situation ‘not to dramatic, but worrisome’ and reinstated that the interim board will sit down with the players to negotiate their salary cuts. “I don’t want to say that it is a dramatic situation, but it is highly worrying. Nobody foresaw such a situation. We can’t do nothing. This is getting worse day by day. Our sponsors renegotiate downwards if they have less visibility ”. He also stated new signings will only be made if any player is sold or his contract is up, and that both Koeman and Planes are aware of it. He said  “you can sign if you sell before and if there is money. Koeman and Planes are fully aware ”.

Lastly, Tusquets commented on the use of VAR in Laliga and said the rules must be unified and applied similarly to avoid biasness.