Barça B

Fight till the end against the leaders: Barça B

Jandro Orellana and Álex Collado at Nou Estadi Tarragona. / VICTOR SALGADO/FCBARCELONA

Barcelona B visited Tarragona to fight for the lead with Nástic, an overwhelming start but the second-half fighting to the maximum was not enough. 3-1 and the most leading Nástic.

García Pimienta lined up his best and most experienced XI in Tarragona after losses due to injury and call-up with the first team. Only two changes from the line-up that paid off against Badalona, ​​Nico for Ilaix Moriba and Gerard Fernández ‘Peque’ for Konrad de la Fuente. The youngest team in the competition showed up to compete for the lead, a team full of youths.

The game could not have started worse for the Catalans, Nàstic went ahead on the scoreboard with a great goal and correct in every touch of the ball, while Barça doubted excessively in the defensive phase. Arnau Tenas saves were not enough but they do give life to a team that is guided by his voice, his leadership and his feet when playing the ball from the back. In a matter of 20 minutes Barça was already losing by three goals, there the inexperienced defence made up of youth (Marsà) and two converted midfielders (Álvaro Sánz and Mika Mármol). Despite this, the competitive spirit that García Pimienta fills in his teams prevented them from giving up and rather it was the impulse to get the goal that shortened distances, in a play with rebounds Arnau Comas assists and Mika Mármol who scores on the second attempt.

The key move was a free-kick before half time, Jandro Orellana with a masterful touch hits the crossbar and Barça felt the goal that put them fairly in the game. The most powerful arguments of this team come from the boots of Àlex Collado and Jandro Orellana, the first based on imbalance and creativity; the second from the vision and the touch of privileged. Dribbling and filtered passes.

For the second half, García Pimienta shakes things up to change the game, Alejandro Balde for José Marsà and Nils Mortimer for Peque. The Catalan coach was right to give life to the left lane because the offensive side of Barça, in the second half, was born from there. The ability of Balde to create his own advantages and the speed to go to the front. The second half with more chances in number and quality but without success in front of goal.

At the end the game broke down, Pimienta gave minutes to Oriol Busquets who is just recovering the rhythm of the competition and to Matheus that a play that started from him ended with a red card of his teammate Álvaro Sánz. A game from less to more, of not giving up, of continuing to compete until the end.

Barça B suffers the casualties of eleven of its players against the leader of the competition, away from home, at the start of the game a much superior Nàstic and despite all this, García Pimienta’s team was able to compete face to face, without complexes and with clear ideas. Barça B falls with honour, with his head on high and returns home having given the debut of one more youth player from La Masía: Jaume Jardí.