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From Girona to Barcelona? Aleix García’s Candid Interview Reveals Ambitions and Reflections

Aleix Garcia / Getty Images
Aleix Garcia / Getty Images

Aleix Garcia speaks to Gerard Romero amid interest from Barcelona.

According to a variety of reports over recent months, Aleix García is on Barcelona’s radar as a reinforcement for the upcoming season. Although the priority remains on the pivot position pending the evolution of the Christensen bet, the sports management considers the need to bolster the interior position to provide more resources to the squad. The Girona player is a clear and determined target.

In an interview with Jijantes, the player avoided referring to Barcelona, a sensitive issue due to his statements before the LaLiga match at Montjuïc, which earned him criticism from Girona fans. “I would like to play for Barcelona, ​​it is the club I have followed since I was a child and the one I have always liked,” he confessed.

His response to that is also significant and clarifying: “I do not regret speaking well of Barcelona, ​​but rather the timing and the way I did it. In the end, I am very transparent, and sometimes, I have discussed it with other teammates, why can’t we be transparent?” he explained on this Twitch channel.

As he confessed, “the week of winning at Montjuïc was tough for me, and winning was… whew. I had extra pressure, and I think it went well for me when playing.” Barcelona fell (2-4) but, he assured, “pressed and dominated, we played a perfect game.”

Alex García did not talk about Barcelona in the future but did have positive words for Oriol Romeu. “When he left, we were preparing the team with him as a pivot, and it was a shock,” recalling that “we had a very good preseason, from the first moment, we felt comfortable. We have compensated well for his absence.”

He also sent a message of encouragement to the Barcelona midfielder: “Those of us who care about him trust him and are aware that he can turn the situation around, but Barcelona is such a big club with so much pressure that it can be difficult.”

Regarding Girona, Aleix García wanted to highlight the work throughout the season, especially now that Michel’s team is going through a rough patch of results. “People get used to things quickly, and when you lose two games, they see that Girona isn’t starting well. There have been many matchdays where we’ve been there, and we deserve a lot of credit,” he added, saying that “we are full of confidence.”

Aleix García highlighted the role of the Madrid-born coach in this whole process: “From day one, he instilled a style of play in us,” and pointed out the improvement with specific names: “We have added players like Eric and Blind who give us that extra because they have played this style all their lives.” And that “good vibes in the dressing room are key.”

The midfielder admitted that “if I hadn’t gone to Dinamo Zagreb, right now I wouldn’t have this motivation and mentality. Luckily, I was able to return to Eibar with Mendilibar and into the spotlight. I think thanks to this stage, I have this maturity.” He is clear about his goal. “In the short term, the goal is the call-up in two weeks and the Euro Cup, I didn’t expect it, but after the first call-up right now, it’s a real goal.”

He had praise for Quique Cárcel, Girona’s sports director. “Quique Cárcel always ends up building good teams and competitive teams. Even with a low budget, he brings in relatively unknown players who perform at a very high level.”