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Gerard Piqué: “We are competing against Madrid and all I ask for is equality”

Gerard Piqué against Celta de Vigo / DAVID RAMOS / GETTY IMAGES EUROPE

FC Barcelona defender Gerard Piqué spoke with famous Twitch streamer, Ibai Llanos. During the interview, he talked about the recent refereeing, the match against Valencia, Bartomeu and much more.

This is what the Spanish defender had to say:

On the refereeing situation in LaLiga

“The Barça-Madrid due to the pressure that both clubs have, they give us more in favor than others. Atlético is in the group as well. We compete with them to win the LaLiga. You cannot compare us with Alavés, Osasuna, Espanyol or clubs that are not going to fight to win LaLiga. We are competing against Madrid and all I ask for is equality. I ask it for everyone and I know that it is difficult. I understand that for a referee it is complicated. Of course I can’t complain with other teams, but I can complain to Madrid or Atlético.”

Regarding their penalty agains Valencia

“People who understand football know that it should always be a penalty. I know for a fact at in the Bernabeu that would have been a penalty as well. They will give it if the player is wearing white. I remember Juanfran with Osasuna, who should have had two penalties and saw two yellows. Two very clear penalties of very poor tackles and Juanfran was sent off with two yellows for diving. Two very clear penalties and you are sent off for faking it. I’m not criticizing, I am just amused.”

On Vinicius almost playing for Barça

“Did you know that he almost played for Barça? I spoke with him personally before going to Madrid and during the call he recognized that he was made for Barça. It was almost done. I don’t remember what happened. Madrid arrived in the last second and offered him everything.”

On Bartomeu’s statements

“I’m not going to comment. That topic makes me really mad.”

Regarding El Clásico

“El Clásico is special. The whole country comes to a stop. There is no better feeling than having 90,000 fans in the stands again. Playing El Clásico behind closed doors was very sad. On Sunday we no longer had restrictions and played with all the fans. This year the fans are with us more than ever. By being with us we can become unstoppable. We need you more than ever.”

On the dressing room at Barcelona

“In the dressing room we have an amazing atmosphere. The veterans and the youngsters have a great atmosphere. There is a lot of joking around and the younger players are on the receiving end. But Jordi Alba is always involved. I tend to be in it as well.”