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Joan Laporta Acknowledges Eduard Romeu’s Contributions Amid Resignation

Joan Laporta (left) & Eduard Romeu (right) / FC Barcelona
Joan Laporta (left) & Eduard Romeu (right) / FC Barcelona

Joan Laporta expressed gratitude for Romeu’s contributions and indicated a transition plan for his successor.

Following Eduard Romeu’s resignation from his position as vice president of the economic area of FC Barcelona, citing incompatibility with full dedication to his profession, Joan Laporta held a press conference at the Auditori 1899 adjacent to the Camp Nou.

After Romeu initially explained the reasons for his decision, Laporta stated, “Eduard speaks of gratitude, but I am the one grateful because you have been a key figure in the rescue of Barcelona’s economy. It is only fair to say it, and with your Culé sentiment, it is an asset that you take with you. You have been instrumental in the recovery alongside other directors and executives who have done fundamental work in the viability plan, of which you are one of the driving forces. To have reduced the 200 million losses the club was facing has been a titanic effort.”

Although Laporta’s press conference was intended to announce changes in the club’s structure, he did not reveal the name of the new vice president of economics, stating, “You mentioned work done, but there is work yet to be done. Eduard’s duties may be taken over by executives in the economic area, knowing that we can count on his advice and support.” However, it has been learned that Angel Riudalbas, a director responsible for the Barça Innovation Hub and assigned to the Super League project, is being considered internally.

Laporta concluded by stating, “The reasons for the resignation are professional. Serving our beloved club is an honor. Eduard has Culé sentiment within him and expresses it with complete naturalness. When he told me about his decision, he asked me to make it easy for him. With the friendship we have built, I had to support his will. He asked to remain connected to Barça through the Foundation. You have a special sensitivity to the Foundation and are a great follower of Genuine, which says a lot. We have to communicate this news today; we all would have preferred him not to have made this decision, but it is a vital and professional decision. I am happy because he has done an extraordinary job. We will have his support and enjoy his advice. You leave an area of economy and finance capable of assuming your duties. You will always be very present. Barcelona remains your home; it is your project. You will be one of the key people in the success of the project.”