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Joan Laporta is inaugurated as FC Barcelona’s 41st president

Laporta during inauguration ceremony/ David Ramos, GETTY IMAGES
Laporta during inauguration ceremony/ David Ramos, GETTY IMAGES

Joan Laporta won FC Barcelona’s long due presidential elections on March 7th and became the president for the second time. Today, March 17th, he officially got inaugurated as FC Barcelona’s 41st president.

Yesterday, Laporta got the required notary of 124.6 million euros which was one of the challenges for the newly elected president. This was required to officially get LaLiga’s approval as the club’s president.

The event started with a speech by Carles Tusquets, ex-president of the club’s management.

“I express my gratitude to my colleagues on the management board, who have worked hard, and to the employees who have given everything these past months. Thanks to the players who have understood the financial situation of the club. Thanks to the members, who participated in large numbers in the elections during a pandemic.”

“I have the honor of proclaiming Joan Laporta as the new president of FC Barcelona. On behalf of my colleagues, I also congratulate Víctor Font and Toni Freixa for their ‘fair play’ (during the elections). This Management Board has our support. We are all in the same boat and we must row in the same direction, that is, to show that we are more than a club. We must value what we have at home, workers and professional athletes who are competing for all the titles. We are the most important sports club in the world and because of this, we all must be united. Visça Barça!”

With this, Joan Laporta was officially declared as FC Barcelona’s president and was invited to take over the stage.

“I congratulate the previous board members for the successful elections and now we know that we have to do well. I thank those who believed in our project. I thank Victor and Toni. We are a great family and by coming they have shown it.”

“I congratulate my campaign team for their success. We have a very important challenge and we are ready to take it on with great enthusiasm and optimism so that it will bring happiness back to the club. I hope it will be a splendid era in the history of Barça”

“The players are the ones who can bring happiness back to millions of Barcelona fans. When I hung the banner in front of the Santiago Bernabéu stadium ‘Wish to see you again’, it was also for you (the players). You are the soul of the club. You know how I relate to you, that I am at your disposal and to protect you. We know that your life is very hard and that you are the key to continue giving joy to Barcelona fans.”

“We know that in a pandemic you (the players) are more alone than ever. It is the moment that the socios love you more than ever. With us (the board), you will not be alone. Our goal is to make you comfortable in the club and to give you a competitive project. I ask for applause for all these players who give us moments of happiness. With them, we will find the path of joy.”

“A thank you to the club workers. When there is a board, which is provisional, there are decisions that cannot be made and they remain pending. In this interim period, the club workers have done an extraordinary job, and that too in a pandemic situation that has changed our lives.”

The economic situation has generated some concern among the partners and (to correct it) is a priority. We have a plan and we will try to create new sources of income generation and make decisions to reverse the situation. We have a team of highly trained professionals for this. We will make brave decisions. Change does not scare us and if we have to make decisions that have never been made, for the good of Barça, we will do it. The titles would help and that’s why I call to win the Cup and the League. I also call to win titles for the women’s team, basketball, hockey.”

Ronald (Koeman), you have the confidence of the new board of directors. The team has improved and will continue to grow. We will do everything to build a team that wins it all and wins it well. Let this success story continue, especially with the Champions League. Athletes have accustomed us to winning and have made us a club that is admired for the way we win and loved for how we behave off the pitch.”

One of our pillars will be La Masía. We want the young people who come to this factory of dreams, and get to know how important it is to wear the Barça shirt.”

“We will also work to activate the sponsors, so they know that the club has a long way to go.”

“We have another fantastic thing, which is the (Barça) Foundation we created. We were pioneers in solidarity by putting on the Unicef ​​jersey. Even the players were proud of it. We want to give it a new boost by joining global initiatives aimed at improving the lives of the planet. We will be in solidarity and social projects.”

“In our first stage, we had the best players in the history of Barça, but it turned out to be that way is because we had stability. Stability is given to you by the unity of Barcelonismo and we invite the Barça fans to think about what they can do for Barça. I do not run away from responsibilities. I have come to make decisions, such as convincing Leo to continue. Taking advantage of the fact that he is here. He already knows that. We will do whatever it takes to keep him. You know you can’t go, Leo. “

“We will not be able to do it alone. As the anthem says, ‘everyone united makes us stronger’ and especially in these moments of maximum difficulty. We know how to do it. When the pandemic ends, income will return. This will be fixed. There will be strong leadership because I am doing very well. We will make decisions, to defend the club we have.”

“When I took office in my previous term, I saw my father for the first time with tears in his eyes. He was a very serious person and he was excited. He was a true culé. I have not seen anyone with so much passion for FC Barcelona in my life. Wherever you are, help me to do it well. May we be an example for the new generations.”

This concluded the very emotional speech as well as the inauguration ceremony of Joan Laporta, the 41st president of FC Barcelona.