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Joan Laporta unveils strategies and hurdles in RAC1 Interview

Joan Laporta / RAC1
Joan Laporta / RAC1

Barcelona president Joan Laporta shares insights in RAC1 interview.

Barcelona President Joan Laporta recently sat down with RAC1, providing a comprehensive update on various aspects of the club. Here are some of his direct quotes from the interview:

Optimism amid challenges

“I am busy, not worried. This situation can still be reversed, and we will not throw in the towel. If we win in Vitoria, we will still be able to fight for LaLiga.”

Xavi’s departure and coaching trust

“I found out about Xavi’s goodbye after the Villarreal game. He is an honest person and someone who loves Barça. He thought it was the best thing to free the players from the pressure, to free himself, and that it was the best thing for the club.”

Coaching decision in Deco’s hands

“This is in Deco’s hands. At this moment, I fully trust Xavi until the end of the season. We all have to participate in this formula, and the best way to participate is by believing.”

Financial progress and fair play

“If we comply with ‘fair play,’ that stage ends. It is planned that it will be achieved without the need to sell players. We have reduced debt with the League from 1,850 million to 652 million, we have reduced the sports wage bill by 172 million.”

Coach selection process

“I have not spoken with any coach; this job is Deco’s. Márquez is not ruled out because he is doing a very good job. He is training at home, and he knows the players who are being trained, and that is an asset that Rafa has.”

Budget, sponsors, and legal challenges

“More sponsors arrive, which are arriving, sale of players, and the Barça Vision thing is somewhat biased. Líbero paid 20 million of the 60, but they did not pay the 40 when it was due. We have sued, but that does not mean that we do not have ‘fair play’ because we are reducing the entity’s general expenses by 22%. We are working very well.”

Importance of Espai Barça and club model

“It is fundamental for the viability of the club as it is now. The associative model is only Barça’s, and I am a guarantor that Barça will not be a SAD. Investors highly value this feeling of the members; it is something unique.”

Relations with Nike and future options

“We have a situation that is not desirable because they do not replace our material, and because competitors pay us double what Nike pays us. There are three options: continue with Nike, take what the market offers us, and a third way would be to do it ourselves, through BLM.”

Legal matters and Super League

“I have no idea about Mr. Negreira; I am sure that Barça will be acquitted. The Super League’s aim is to be able to compete with the State Clubs; we are going bankrupt. If it is not from 2024-25, it will be in 2025-26, if not, I will rethink everything.”

Player transfers and non-transferable

“Today, they are all non-transferable. At the end of the course, we will see, but today they are all non-transferable, we are not giving up the League and we want to fight for the Champions League.”

Messi’s tribute and Guardiola’s contract

“It will be when Messi wants. He [Pep Guardiola] has a contract and he fulfills the contract.”

Club administration and Montjuic’s numbers

“We have some TOP executives, with an executive president, which is me. We have updated the census, today we have 130,000 regularized members. The numbers are not coming out at Montjuic.”

Alejandro Echeverria’s role

“He doesn’t get paid. He’s my brother-in-law and a person I trust very much. He has a great relationship with many players. He doesn’t form a part of the sporting administration which is made up of Deco, Bojan, and Masip.”