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Jules Kounde’s struggles raise concerns at Barcelona

Jules Kounde / Getty Images
Jules Kounde / Getty Images

Barcelona is worried about Jules Kounde’s recent performances.

Jules Kounde is currently a source of mystery and concern at Barcelona, as his performance crisis continues to unfold. Despite starting the season on the brink of perfection, the French defender has been struggling for weeks, leaving many at Barça wondering about the cause. According to Toni Juanmartí from SPORT, the question on everyone’s mind is, “What’s wrong with Jules Kounde?” Yet, the response is often met with silence.

Kounde, once near perfection, is now facing his toughest period as a Barcelona player. His decline in performance is evident, and the defeatist vibes he exudes on the field are adding to the worry. Despite scoring a remarkable goal against Unionistas, it seems like a distant mirage compared to his defensive responsibilities. The concerns within the Barcelona club are substantial, with a notable miscommunication between Kounde and Lamine leading to Guruzeta’s 1-0 goal in the recent San Mamés clash.

While Kounde did score against Unionistas, the match at the San Mamés highlighted his defensive lapses, including reckless losses and a critical mistake leading to Iñaki Williams’ goal. Although Coach Xavi has refrained from publicly singling him out, it is evident that Kounde has been making errors consistently for weeks, contributing to the team’s problems. However, he’s played every minute in 2024, covering seven full games in just 20 days, indicating his fatigue.

The concern surrounding Kounde extends throughout the club, from the offices to the coaching staff. There’s a growing realization that Kounde’s diminishing value might prompt the club to consider selling him in the summer, especially with the emergence of Pau Cubarsí. While Christensen was previously discussed due to arriving for free, Kounde’s recent performance makes him no longer untouchable.

In addition to his on-field struggles, sources within the locker room suggest that Kounde hasn’t been experiencing his most euphoric moments personally for many weeks. Despite being known as a “very own” guy, some have noticed a subdued demeanor. The shift to the right lane and the departures of Ousmane Dembélé and Franck Kessié, with whom Kounde had good relationships, have also contributed to his discontent.