Barcelona LaLiga Press conferences

Koeman: “The whole team must show personality”

Ronald Koeman at the press room / Miguel Ruiz

Ronald Koeman spoke to the press, ahead of tomorrow’s match against Sevilla in the La Liga. He addressed several concerns surrounding the team, the opponent and the upcoming elections.

On the upcoming league and cup matches against Sevilla :

“They are two different games. Tomorrow is the league and on Wednesday, the cup. We must try to win both. We know that in the Cup they have a 2 goal advantage. In the league, we must continue the streak, add and put pressure on those above us in the table.”

On Araujo’s return and his effectiveness in the team :

“He is in the squad and everyone in the squad has options to play. Tomorrow we will decide the team and we will see if he plays or not. Ronald has had a very good season. He is young and has learned a lot, he has shown his quality and his strength. It is important to have strong and fast people. He must improve his game with the ball but defensively he brings many things.”

On if it’s the most important week for the team :

“I do not agree. We play important games every week. This week all the top teams will face each other. The pressure exists for us but also for others.”

On whether he will vote in the elections :

“I will not vote because I think I do not have to vote. The candidates will come out every day and each one has his story and what he thinks is best for the club. I have to wait and the voters will decide.”

On the risk of another season without a trophy :

“I know that being a Barça coach implies that there is always a lot of pressure. If you don’t win matches, the guilty party is the coach. I don’t know what would happen if we don’t win anything, but there is always time to assess and analyze. I always think about winning tomorrow and not losing.”

On the roles of the veterans and the youngsters :

“From the beginning, the older players have tried to take command but they cannot do it alone. They need help from others. The clearest example is that Leo has 17 or 18 goals and the rest of the forwards together, more or less the same number. He needs help from the others. The responsibility must lie with the whole team. The older people, due to their personality and experience, should help the youngsters but in personality, the whole team should be seen.”

On the difference between the first and the second half against Elche :

“We have discussed and analyzed it individually with the players, but not all games are perfect. There are ups and downs.”

On Sevilla having a longer rest before tomorrow’s match :

“It may be an advantage for them that they have rested but we are prepared.”

The press conference was cut short because of a sudden nosebleed suffered by Ronald Koeman due to his intake of blood thinners which he began taking after his heart problem.