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Lewandowski Commits to Barcelona: ‘Clear on My Future’

Robert Lewandowski / Getty Images
Robert Lewandowski / Getty Images

Robert Lewandowski provides updates on his future.

In an exclusive interview with Tomasz Włodarczyk, Robert Lewandowski dispelled any uncertainties surrounding his future, affirming his commitment to Barcelona for the upcoming season. “For me everything is clear and I have no doubt where I will play next season. I will stay at Barcelona,” Lewandowski stated firmly, putting an end to speculations about a potential move.

Lewandowski didn’t shy away from expressing his admiration for the young talent within the Barcelona squad, particularly singling out Cubarsí, whose composure belies his age. “Cubarsí seems to be 26 years old instead of 17 with the decisions he makes,” Lewandowski remarked, impressed by the young player’s maturity on the field. Reflecting on Cubarsí’s potential, Lewandowski emphasized the importance of nurturing young talent in a conducive environment. “They are young and have to work in peace. They have a bright future,” he added.

The Polish striker also revealed his role in mentoring and preparing Cubarsí for the challenges ahead. “I squeeze Cubarsí so that he is ready to face the forwards. We talk a lot, both on the pitch and in the dressing room,” Lewandowski shared, highlighting the collaborative spirit within the team.

Looking ahead to the Champions League draw, Lewandowski maintained a composed stance, expressing readiness to face any opponent. “What CL draw do I want? I don’t have any preference, they’re all good. But if I have to name one, maybe Borussia Dortmund. Wouldn’t it be nice to return to Dortmund as a Barça player?” he mused, hinting at the sentimental value of such a matchup.

Amidst speculations about Xavi’s successor as Barcelona’s head coach, Lewandowski remained focused on the present, indicating that such discussions are not a priority within the dressing room. “Who will succeed Xavi? It’s not a topic that’s spoken about in the dressing room,” he clarified, respecting Xavi’s ongoing tenure while acknowledging the inevitable transition ahead.

Addressing the potential arrival of Kylian Mbappé at Real Madrid, Lewandowski adopted a positive outlook, welcoming the prospect of facing the French superstar in La Liga. “Mbappé to Real Madrid? It’s not yet official and it’s difficult to comment until the announcement is made. So let’s wait for it to be confirmed. If he comes, it will be fun to compete against him in La Liga. We are not afraid, I take it positively,” Lewandowski remarked, displaying his competitive spirit.