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Lewandowski Opens Up on Convincing Xavi to Stay at FC Barcelona

Robert Lewandowski / Getty Images
Robert Lewandowski / Getty Images

Robert Lewandowski speaks to TV3 on his current form.

Robert Lewandowski, the forward for FC Barcelona, is once again enjoying his game. A crucial figure in the victory against Atlético Madrid last Sunday at the Metropolitano, with one goal and two assists, the Polish player has now scored 20 goals this season, 13 of them in La Liga. Speaking to TV3, Lewandowski confessed that he is in a good moment. “I think physically I am better now than I was 10 years ago for sure. At 25 or 26, I wasn’t at the level I am now, or was two years ago. This year, this year, the past wasn’t good. But I have trained a lot physically,” detailed the Polish player, who this Thursday faces Estonia with his national team in the playoff to qualify for the Eurocup. “If I feel good physically, the rest is easier,” he added.

In the same interview, Lewandowski explained how the attempt to convince Xavi to stay at the helm of the team beyond June 30 went. The Pole was one of the players who entered the coach’s office to talk to him. “We talked about it, but I saw that there is only one option. I don’t want to pressure him more,” detailed Lewandowski, hinting that everything depends on winning a title.

In fact, the Barcelona number 9 acknowledged that the decision did not depend solely on the Terrassa coach. “It’s also the team’s responsibility. Now we talk more about what we can do to improve and be more effective. We don’t think about whether Xavi will leave when the season ends. We play with Xavi and we want to win with Xavi,” he reasoned. At 35 years old, Lewandowski is the oldest player in FC Barcelona and no one better than him to advise the youngsters who have not yet reached adulthood, like Lamine Yamal, Cubarsí, Fort… “I have a good relationship with the young players. Before training, or on the field, I have to explain things I see to them. They are very good players, with a lot of quality. But it is also important to have a balance between youth and experience,” Lewy emphasizes, who is not losing sleep over being one of the team captains. “I know it’s important in the locker room. Right now, I don’t think about it,” he says.