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Lewandowski’s Insights: Reflecting on Barca’s Performance Against Napoli

Robert Lewandowski / Getty Images
Robert Lewandowski / Getty Images

Robert Lewandowski speaks to the media following Barcelona’s victory over Napoli.

Barcelona’s Robert Lewandowski reflected on his team’s performance following their recent match against Napoli. “In the first half, if we had been a little more patient and played 2-3 more passes in certain attacks, we would have scored the third goal and settled the match,” Lewandowski noted. “We must work on improving this, it will make us stronger and able to close matches quickly.”

Discussing his approach to shooting on goal, Lewandowski emphasized the importance of maintaining confidence. “Whenever I shoot on goal, I gain confidence, even if I miss,” he said. “I tell myself: ‘Okay, that’s another chance.’ I get more desire. If I don’t get the ball, I get internally frustrated.”

Regarding the dynamics of the game, Lewandowski highlighted the impact of substitutes like Sergi Roberto. “At the beginning of the second half, it was clear that there were holes among the Napoli players,” he observed. “The subs like Sergi Roberto were effective. He always moves with or without the ball, and presses forward.”

Offering praise for teammate Ilkay Gündogan, Lewandowski commended his positional awareness. “Gündogan is a player that you can play with in the dark,” he remarked. “He’s perfectly positioned. He shows you that standing smart is better than running stupid.”

Looking ahead, Lewandowski emphasized the need for continuous improvement as a team. “We can improve as a team before the quarter-finals,” he stated. “It’s important for the injured players to return, and for us to not get any new injuries.”