Messi: ‘Today we have taken an important step of attitude and commitment’

Lionel Messi (L) and Ansu Fati (R) celebrating one of the goals against Alavés / MIGUEL RUIZ / FCBARCELONA

After the victory, five goals to nil against Alavés, Quique Setién spoke to the media together with captain Lionel Messi.

Barcelona closed its last LaLiga game this season with a lucid performance and victory by 5 goals. Lionel Messi scored two goals securing his seventh ‘pichichi’, accompanied by Nélson Semedo, another by Luis Suárez and a goal from the 17-year-old winger, Ansu Fati.

The Barcelona captain spoke for Movistar LaLiga finishing the game, Lionel Messi confirmed the change regarding the feelings that the game leaves with his eyes set on the next challenge, the Champions League.

“The main thing I think we did is to do self-criticism behind closed doors which is how it should be. We realized a lot of things. The first thing we did not do was a great season at the level of the game and the results. Today we have taken an important step of attitude and commitment. The first thing you always have to have, then things may or may not turn out for you but no team can win us on those aspects. Then the game will come as a result of that,” explains Lionel Messi.

“It is an important moment for us because we are going to play important things but it does not take the bracelet to realize what we did. We are all aware that we have to be much more regular, as the coach said, we had very good games, very good minutes and that must be maintained for 90 minutes and in every game.”

“The individual prizes are secondary. It could be an important mark for the significance of getting seven pichichis but I wish that it had been accompanied by the League like other times.”

“We need a little peace of mind in this break, clear our heads and come back with more enthusiasm than ever. We have already said everything we have to say, we have already done self-criticism and now we have to work and give our best, there is nothing more to talk about and we have to show that we made the change and I think today was an important step for that.”

Quique Setién also spoke at the end of the game about the feelings that the team gives, the achievement of Lionel Messi and the discomfort of Clément Lenglet, among other things.

“It is true that we have made a deep reflection on the situation. We are all excited about the Champions League. We have indeed spoken and it has served us well because some things have been cleaned up. It is something that has been supported with this game and with this result, which will allow us to face the future with more confidence and in a different state of mind. Today has been special because the feeling we have transmitted has reinforced us. Before, we also did things well, but we were not fortunate.”

“Leo often decides, and generally does well, where his [position on the field] is most needed. Today he was indeed able to give that impression. It is more logical that the closer you are to the goal, the effort is less and the actions seem more dangerous. But there are times when it comes down to the centre and helps us create spaces, and that can create dangerous occasions. Sometimes the problem is receiving in those areas and it is not easy due to the accumulation of players. So sometimes it is convenient to go outside and it is more difficult to detect.”

“We have to have more continuity in the things we do well, because sometimes we become disorganized and vulnerable, although without losing the essence. Now we will have time to train. Surely these two weeks that we have now to prepare for the match against Naples will they will help improve this kind of thing.”

“Both Ansu, Ronald and Riqui have had a great game. They are making good use of the minutes. They come with energy. They are emerging players. It is a transition from being children to great football players. They are seen to be taking responsibility and they are sure to They are the future of this club and that they will be great footballers. It is good that they generate positive expectations.”

“Clément Lenglet has had some discomforts. Everyone was warned that this was not the time to take risks and he has decided to rest. He has done very well. He will have to undergo some tests, but I trust that it is nothing. At first, I don’t think it is very serious.”

“Messi’s pichichi is one more award for a spectacular career. Getting the Pichichi is normal. It is unique and makes us enjoy permanently. Hopefully, it is not the last and continues to make us enjoy.”