Barcelona Interviews

Pedri “I thank Madrid for not signing me; I am where I wanted to be”

Pedri Gonzalez during a UCL / David Ramirez / Getty Images Europe

Pedri González, one of FC Barcelona newest rising star, was interviewed this Monday, by Cadena SER and talked about how his life has changed in the last months, his past with Real Madrid and much more.

About humility:

“I think that if you lose your humility and stop being who you are, you lose the footballer. My parents and my brother are the ones who give me the most advice. It’s very good because it makes you push yourself and keep your feet on the ground.”

On his relationship with the squad:

“Above all, I get along very well with Trincao, we arrived at the same time, we started training together… with Ansu very well. Now he has had the injury and has to work to be as well as possible. We have hit it off.”

Regarding El Clásico:

“Two days before El Clásico, Koeman told me that he was going to start and I said … shit, this is serious!”

On being discarded by Real Madrid:

“I spent a week testing in Madrid. They told me I didn’t have the level. They took me to an office and they told me and I was a bit screwed up but it helped me to keep working and improve. I thank them, because now I am in the team that I have always wanted to be”

On his rol in the U21 international team:

“Luis de la Fuente tells me to continue working as I am doing at my club. That I look for the spaces, that I have calmness and that I be myself. Hopefully I can go to both, to the Eurocup and to the Olympics.”

Regarding Luis Suarez being COVID positive:

“Luis Suárez’s positive news is not good. The best have to be on the field and play the game.”

On Atletico de Madrid:

“Atlético have a great team and they know what they’re playing at. They all go together and we’ll see what happens.”