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Pedri: “I will not be nervous about playing in El Clásico”

Pedri on his debut with FC Barcelona / EFE
Pedri on his debut with FC Barcelona / EFE

FC Barcelona’s teenage sensation, Pedri, gave an interview to Mundo Deportivo where he talked about his life, FC Barcelona dressing room, and much more.

How his life has been for past few years: “I am living it very calmly. I know what I have to do. I have to keep improving every day to have the maximum number of minutes possible and enjoy the training sessions while trying my best.”

About Koeman: “He is giving me minutes and on that part I am very happy. But I am happy especially because of how we are handling the games. We have performed well so far.”

“Koeman has told me to enjoy the game in the same way I used to do when I was at Las Palmas, to play calmly and not to get nervous about what might happen. And I get to play in the midfield, which is where I can do the most damage.”

“Koeman is a coach who puts in lot of intensity. Personally, I like it a lot because of that we press quickly after losing the ball, you can see that, he takes care of all the details. I like him a lot.”

His integration in the team: “At first I was very nervous to see my idols, to greet them, to be able to talk to them. Everyone gets nervous, but when you enter the field you have to leave those nerves at home so that everything goes well. The truth is that it (integration) has been really good.”

“They all have been very good to me. I can’t pick any one of them because everyone asks me how I’m doing or if I need anything, but the one I’ve had the most affinity with is Trincao.”

“[Because] we arrived just at the same time and we were in the same hotel.”

About Riqui Puig and Ansu Fati: “I talk a lot with Riqui, also with Iñaki because we are together in the national team, where we really enjoy it. Riqui has an enormous quality and surrounding yourself with players like that is the best thing to do.”

“I’m seeing him (Ansu) very well. And I don’t think I’m the only one (laughs). He is showing that he is a magnificent player and I hope that his good streak continues.”

Playing with Messi: “Playing with Messi is amazing. We know what Messi does on the pitch, we just have to enjoy him and learn everything one can.”

About Iniesta: “I haven’t been able to talk to him yet, but that message that he sent, blew my mind. I hope I get to meet him personally one day.”

About his preferred position: “Where I feel most comfortable is as a playmaker, that’s where I like to play the most. Spin and split against the defenders. That would be my ideal position, but the truth is that I will play wherever the coach will tell me to play.”

How he sees the team ahead of a complicated schedule: “I see the team very well. In the last game, we played well, but we were unlucky enough to only win one point. We have the best players in the world and we can beat anyone. That is what we will try.”

About El Clásico: “I imagine a close game like in almost all the Clásicos and I hope I can win the three points. We will go all out again Real Madrid.”

“I have never imagined myself playing in the Clásico. I hope I get the chance. I will work hard so that the coach will let me play in the match.”

“I would not be nervous about the Clásico because it would be one more match, just like the other matches. I imagine as if I am on the field, playing with my father and my brother. To leave the nervousness out and play as I usually do, is the best thing that I can do.”

Life in Barcelona: “I am living with my brother. My parents work in the restaurant they have in Tenerife, but whenever they can, they come to visit us.”

“When someone asks me for a photo on the street, I stop and take it. In the end, it only takes ten seconds and it costs nothing. I will continue to be that way because it is what my parents have instilled in me.”

About Pedri’s interests –

Which player’s shirt he would like to have:

“Many, but Benzema’s.”

How many games he watches per week:

“Whenever there is a match, I watch it. Be it Segunda, Bundesliga, England,”

Besides LaLiga, what is your favorite league?

“The Premier League.”

Dream match:

“El Clásico.”

The best goal in the history of Barça:

“The Iniestazo.”

First memory as culé:

“Watching the games at my father’s club.”

Have you been pranked?

“Not yet (laughs)”

Were there posters of Wembley’s goal at your father’s club?

“I don’t remember it, but I do remember that when Koeman came to Tenerife, my father took his photo and it is there.”

You are compared to Laudrup. Have you seen him play?

“I have seen videos on YouTube because my father told me to watch them.”

Football videos or gamers videos?

“I watch a lot of gaming videos as well as football videos.”

Preferred Youtuber.

“If I have to tell you one, Dj Mario.”

In FIFA, do you start yourself ?

“No, never really.”

This concludes Pedri’s interview with Mundo Deportivo.