Pedri: “My idol has always been Iniesta, he was very clever”

Credits – FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona’s latest signing, Pedri, who is deemed as a future star by many, sat down with DjMaRiiO for an exclusive interview ahead of his pre-season with the Blaugranas. The Midfielder talked about his dream to play in Red and Blue, playing alongside Messi and more.

Why do they call you Pedri? : “When I was little, there was another boy named Pedro on my team, and since I was the skinny one, they started to call me that.”

Pre-season with Barça: “I start this year with Barça, on 12th August. Let’s see what happens.”

Tension: “The nerves are normal for the player who is joining his new teammates for the first time. But as I have been in the Second Division and I have gained experience, I am more relaxed.”

You want the season to start: “I want it to start now and see if I have a place at Barça.”

Real Madrid: “Two or three years ago I went to Madrid to do trials. I was there for a week, but they told me to keep working, they didn’t count on me, they didn’t want to sign me.”

Signing for Barça: “Last year, when I started the preseason with Las Palmas, before it ended I had already been signed by Barça. It was my dream since I was little. Am happy that they called me to Barça and gave me this opportunity “.

Training with Messi: “When I see him I will get nervous. He is the best in the world. But on the field, I forget who I am playing with and I spend the time as if I were someone else. I am excited to meet everyone, they are great and I am going to enjoy doing the preseason a lot and, if I stay, all year long. “

Objective: “Try to stay in the first squad, play as much as possible, and have minutes to continue progressing.”

Barça style: “I’ve been watching them since I was little, I like their football style and I think can fit in well, because I like the style of associating and having the ball.”

Best virtue: “Dribbling. I am not very fast, but the best I have is dribbling and agility. Football is a very physical game, but I count on my abilities”.

Aspect to improve: “The physical aspect, it took its toll on me. They hit you and move you three meters.”

Possible options for going on loan: I would see it well if I don’t have the opportunity. There are offers from German teams that are very good. I wouldn’t mind trying abroad, the important thing is to play and keep growing. You have to arrive, work as much as possible to be able to stay. Let’s see if I have the opportunity to fulfill my dream.

Sensations: I’m going to play with the bests, this is a dream I have had since my childhood and now I’m going to take on the world.”

Family: “My father has a Barça Fanclub in Tenerife, I have been a culé since I was little. My parents are always proud and give me constant advice so that I stay humble, which is very important. We have seen players who stand out and then they start losing it all. I am very grateful to them, that is what is going to keep me progressing “.

Idol: “My idol has always been Iniesta, because of how he played. He was very clever, nobody took the ball from him. Now I like De Jong or Laudrup, as my father made me watch his videos.”

Press: “Sometimes they put pressure with the headlines comparing you with other players. I take it as motivation if they compare you it is because you are doing well.”

Match videos: “I watch all the games I can, I love watching football and, above all, myself, to see where I fail.”

House in Barcelona: “I don’t have anything yet. My brother comes with me, he knows how to cook and makes my food that way.”

Tenerife: “I’m going to miss the weather, it’s always sunny here. And especially my friends, who’ve grown up with them since I was little.”

Football at school: “They always caught me and my other friend playing, they never let us be on the same team”.