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Piqué Predicts Xavi’s Continuation as Barcelona Manager Next Season

Gerard Pique / Getty Images
Gerard Pique / Getty Images

Gerard Piqué anticipates that Xavi will likely remain as Barcelona’s manager next season.

Gerard Piqué suggests in an interview with TimesSport that Xavi Hernández will continue to lead Barcelona’s squad next season, expressing confidence in his return to Camp Nou even if no titles are won.

Piqué noted, “I don’t think Xavi’s decision is 100% final. I believe he will stay,” revealing that he has discussed the matter with Xavi. These comments contrast with the stance of the former Barcelona player, who in many recent press conferences has stated that his decision to leave is firm, though always adding “as of today.”

Xavi mentioned before the Atleti match that he is involved in planning, expressing his commitment to the club and his intention to rest after this season.