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Piqué: “The day I stop playing for Barcelona, ​​I will leave football”

Gerard Piqué at a training session (Photo by PAU BARRENA/AFP via Getty Images)

Gerard Piqué recently talked to Ibai Llanos on Twitch, in which he touched upon several points related to Barça. He talked about becoming president, Erling Haaland, Kun Agüero and much more.

Here’s what Piqué had to say:

On his future

“The day I stop playing for Barcelona, ​​I will leave football, I will never go to another team. If tomorrow Koeman tells me that he doesn’t count on me, then it’s over. I’m just passionate about playing for Barça, I wouldn’t have the motivation to put on another shirt.”

On becoming Barça president in the future

“It is something that I have always said makes me excited, it is the club of my life. But hey, we have to see it. There is a lot left and I like to feel like I am still a player. When I retire we will see what the plans are. It’s a funny little comment.” 

On Erling Haaland

“I have no idea, I wish he would come. We already have some great players with us, but that is a decision for the club to make. They will know.”

On Georginio Wijnaldum

“I didn’t even know that it was almost closed. If in the end he went to PSG, it is his decision and it must be respected. The club does not inform you of how the negotiations are going with one player or the other. You find out through transfer networks.”

On Sergio Agüero

“I already got along with him well before. Years ago, we have always connected through networks. I played the U-20 World Cup against him because we are from the same generation, from ’87. Leo Messi speaks highly of him.”

On if he’ll leave if a good offer arrives

“I would not leave because at this moment in my career it is not a question of money. It is priceless to be at home, I have my family, friends, at the club of my life… that is priceless. More money does not give you more happiness. Here we have everything. In the end you have to find your happiness and, for me, this is it.”

On his image in Spain

“They have never put a bad face on me when, for example, I go to Madrid, which should be the worst place. And I have gone many times to play, but also to go for a walk, have a drink… I have friends there. No I don’t have a bad relationship with anyone.”

On Espanyol

“I wanted them to go up to the first division. They are a main ingredient for the show. It gives me pleasure to play in their field. It’s part of the game, to measure myself against rival clubs.”

On criticism

“I don’t have a bad relationship with anyone, no grudges. I try to respect everyone and that they respect me. Then you can talk about more or less. Criticism is a part of football. If you feel upset by criticism, don’t play football. When you jump into a field, you know what you are exposing yourself to. Football is the most sentimental thing there is and it is at the height of politics. You have to accept criticism.”

On receiving whistles with the national team

“I have tried not to have bad vibes ever, another thing is that your actions generate it. I remember that being with the national team, I wanted people to be able to have their say and they whistled me. But it is part of the show. In the end you become more insensitive on the pitch. I have been playing for so many years that in the end my skin has thickened. At home, I cry, I get emotional sometimes.”