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Piqué: The other captains will also lower their salary

FC Barcelona players celebrating after victory against La Real / FC Barcelona.

FC Barcelona cruised past Real Sociedad to start the La Liga campaign with a win. The players in blue and red won 4-2 at Camp Nou. Thanks to goals from, Pique, Braithwaite, and Sergi Roberto. The Danish international netted a brace and grabbed an assist to seal the game. Camp Nou welcomed fans 20,384 fans for the first time after 526 days. Koeman, Alba, Pique, Braithwaite, Roberto, and Eric spoke after the game.

Here’s what Koeman had to say:

On starting La Liga with a win:

“It is always important to start the league and win at home. After what has happened lately. It was important to give a good image and win. In the first half-hour, we have been fantastic in the game, with the ball and also in the recovery of the ball. Then they made it a bit difficult for us, with their first goal and the 3-2. You can only applaud, but we ended up winning. With what we’ve seen on the pitch we can be happy.”

The return of fans:

“It is to enjoy. Although there were only 20,000 people, they have helped us. It is important to have the help of our people and it has been very nice. From the first minute, they have been helping and it is another world. It is totally different from last season. It was a fantastic game, with an audience and with a good image. The attitude of my team has been to enjoy. I was not surprised by the support of the fans. If our fans see a team wanting to do well and with this attitude, it helps. There seemed to be more than 20,000 people. This is the way to go and what we need. They have gone home happy to see a football game again. It is very good to give confidence to the fans after what happened with Messi.”


“It is true that we have worked a lot in our game without the ball. We know that with the ball we are a great team. We have worked very well on the way we press and if we press we have to do it with everyone. Barca in the first half-hour has been the best for me from the last few years. This is the way to go.”

Eric Garcia:

“Eric was very good with the ball and keeping his position well. Positionally in defense, he is good. With the ball, he does not get nervous. He has the rhythm of playing games and that is why he started. At center back, we have a lot of competition”.

Martin Braithwaite:

“I have always said that Martin is an example of how a professional footballer should be. He always works for the team. He has improved his game. Not only with goals but other things too. He has improved his space and is very difficult to defend against. I am delighted to have players like him.”


“For me, last year Gerard was already the leader of this team. He played fewer games due to his knee injury. This year he is physically better and his help and attitude, like of the other veterans, has been exemplary for all cules. It was a great free-kick. We must also remember that we need to increase our effectiveness in set pieces and corners.”

Demir or Collado:

“When we have 27 players, I have to leave four out and each one knows his situation perfectly. I am a coach who always gives youngsters opportunities, they are the future of this club. Collado, ten days ago was in Belgium but right now I prefer to have Demir. Collado is part of the competition and I prefer to have other players.”

Nico Gonzalez:

“He is very young and has made a move to the first team. He increases the intensity of our game and is going to learn a lot. With him, we have a pivot to play and I think it’s good to give young players minutes because it is an important experience for them to play with us.”

Messi’s Departure:

“Our game may be more collective than before but I still prefer to have Messi in my team. We do not have a player who decides games by himself. Now, it is more about the team. We must create opportunities and score. Today we have scored four. It’s very good.”

Interest in another striker:

“The attack is short with the players we currently have. It depends on fair play. Although, we have an eye on how we can improve the squad.”

Here’s what Jordi Alba had to say:

On his commitment to Barca:

“My commitment to Barca has always been total. I’ve been here all my life, 10 years in the first team and 8 with La Masia. I can speak for myself and the president. We are all going in the same direction. As Pique said, the predisposition has always been the same. Now it will be our turn and there should be no doubt about us.”

On the rumors spread by the media:

“What hurts me is the lies that are told. I think I’ve shown how I feel about Barca. The club has given me a lot and we have to be grateful. The lies hurt me. I will give everything, as I have always done on the pitch, things can turn out for better or worse, but no one can doubt my commitment. My position has always been to help the club, just like the rest of the captains.”

Salary reduction:

“Not me, but my representatives and lawyers have had conversations with the club. Pique’s was closed earlier because of the ‘timing’, but everyone has the desire to help the club. What bothers me is the lies. Not for me, but for my family. I’m not 20 years old anymore and it doesn’t hurt anymore. I’ve been listening to a lot of lies, before the start of the Euro’s, a lot of things came out. The club hadn’t told me anything. There are a lot of people, who are angry with me. I can’t please everyone.”


“Leo, apart from being the best in history, was the player I understood best. Leo is an issue separate from the captains, it is a matter of the club. I cannot bear lies and things being leaked. So that my character is doubted. When I’m wrong, I am the first to admit it. But I can’t stand the lies.”

Annoyed with the club?:

“I am not saying that the club leaks things, I am saying that you ask the president because he is the other side of the negotiation. He can verify that what I say is true.”

Here’s what Pique had to say:

On other captains:

“I am convinced that in the next few days or weeks, the other captains will reach an agreement with the club to lower their salaries. We are all from here and have been at the club since we were children. We have to give back everything they have given us.”

On the ‘timing’:

“I grew up here, I came here as a child and I have spent most of my life in Barcelona. For ‘timing’, I was the first so that the registration of new signings could be done. I have discussed it with the other captains and we have agreed to reach an agreement with the club. We are all going to take one. It was necessary to make one official for registration of new signings. Everyone wants to contribute and help the club.”

The game against Real Sociedad;

“It got complicated in the end, but in general I think it was a great game. Which we controlled during the first 80 minutes. With a mismatch, they scored the second, but then we scored the fourth. To start the campaign with a win is very positive, the fans are very involved.”

On Messi’s departure:

“The figure of Leo is the most important in the history of the club. The fact that Leo is not here, will mean we do not have the talent of previous seasons. But I am sure that we will fight for all the titles until the end. I’m happy because the team on offensive and defensive levels has left a very good image.”

Here’s what Braithwaite had to say:

His feeling:

“I have a great feeling. I scored two goals, we won. I defended a lot. Also, with the fans in the stadium. It was very important. The fans expect a lot from us. We have done a great job and we have been improving. I’m happy with the two goals and the assist, you can imagine. It’s my development, my job. It’s what I’ve worked for all week.”

His summer:

“It has been a very good summer. I have regained confidence in myself. My feelings are very good right now. I am sure that I will keep improving throughout the season.”

Here’s what Roberto had to say:

Martin Braithwaite:

“I thanked Martin for his assist and his game. He played a great game. We suffered in the end with the free kick, but we were able to win. It was important to win today, without Leo, we wanted to show that we want to keep fighting.”


“People have been eager to come. Now because we have them. We will be fighting together”.

His salary reduction:

“It is very important to clarify everything. Our position has always been to help the club. We will continue after Pique, we have to be more united than ever. We want to give the team back what it deserves.”

Here’s what Eric Garcia had to say:

On his debut:

“It was an unbeatable debut. We have to be very happy. It’s just the beginning, we know we still have to improve. It has been a very special moment to debut with the club of my life. I am very happy. It is a dream that has come true.”

Playing with Pique:

“It is a pleasure to play with one of the best center backs. It has been very easy to play alongside him.”

Starting the season with a win:

“It is always important to start with winning. Even more so, against a strong team like Real Sociedad. Which has very good players.”