Barcelona LaLiga Press conferences

Piqué: “We have to regain our form despite two hard blows”

Gerard Pique during the match between FC Barcelona and Cadiz CF at Camp Nou. (Photo by Manuel Queimadelos/Quality Sport Images/Getty Images)

With the team failing to close the gap with Atletico Madrid to just 6 points, Ronald Koeman, Gerard Piqué, and Jordi Alba spoke to the press after a disappointing draw against Cadiz.

This is what Ronald Koeman said :

On the result of the match :

“It’s a disappointment. We needed to win, we lost a great opportunity today after Atlético’s loss yesterday. We have not won and it is a great disappointment.”

On his analysis of the game :

“The problem is always the same, we don’t solve the game before the end. We have two or three big chances, but we don’t finish them. I wasn’t nervous, but when you have the score with only one goal difference, things can happen against you until the end of the game. For not finishing off the game, we again let two points slip which could have been prevented.”

On who was at fault for the draw :

“I do not like to blame individual players. In attack, we were not at our level, we did create chances to score the second goal. These kinds of games must be defended differently. With such a low score, the opponent can hurt you until the last minute.”

On Lenglet’s foul :

“I have seen what happened very quickly, it was very doubtful to whistle, but it can be called. For a defender it is important to know where you are, the situation of the play, I don’t know if Clément should’ve risked going for the ball, maybe not, but I have to analyze the play. It is not unforgivable, but you have to fight and you have to play well. In two games against them we have missed five points, and this cannot be.”

On the current form of the team :

“I am very disappointed, even more than I was on Tuesday because we could have closed the gap with those who are up. It was a game in which we did not encounter many problems. We must have won because of our quality, but we have not done it. With only 1-0, you always leave the opponent with options to tie the match, with a set piece, with a penalty. We have found few spaces and we have lacked freshness to score one or two more goals. With such a short result, what happened today can happen again.”

On what lies ahead for them :

“We still think we can do something because there is no team that wins their games easily, but opportunities like this cannot be missed. I think we entered the game well, but letting two points escape that could have allowed us to cut the gap is a lot, but we have to take responsibility and continue to show that we can do something. I do not see it more difficult to fight for the league than before, because of the difference in points. It is seen that no team is unbeatable nor is it going to win every game.”

This is what Gerard Piqué said :

On his feelings about the game :

“It hurts a lot because after Atlético’s defeat, we had a chance. They complicated things for us, but we created a lot of opportunities. Losing two points is difficult to assimilate at the moment. It was important to add the three points. “

On Barca’s chances of winning a title this season :

“Every game that you don’t win reduces your chances. It depends more on us than on others. If we achieve good game dynamics, we can have options. It’s difficult, but we have to try. It is a hard blow. You have to go game by game. It was an opportunity that we wanted to take advantage of. The way the game has gone is a hard blow, but it is what it is. You have to raise your head and look forward to what is left. You have to try. We are alive in all three competitions. The Champions League is difficult, in the Cup we have some options and LaLiga is there, but we have to regain our form despite these two hard blows. We have to raise our heads and win the three points against Elche.”

On his physical condition :

“I am a little tired, but very happy to be back so soon. The recovery has gone very well and we have to recover feelings with the games. I hope I can help the team until the end of the season.”

This is what Jordi Alba said :

On the result :

“This is our fault. We cannot lose these points at home. It was a unique opportunity to close the gap but we have not taken it well. There are no excuses. We have to reconsider and study many things but this cannot happen anymore. We have to continue because we are alive in all three competitions. It was a missed opportunity and we must continue.”

On the opponent :

“They are very well worked. They have already defeated us once. We knew they would be compact and lock themselves up. There are no excuses. It’s a shame.”