Puma’s Pursuit: The Bid to Outshine Nike in Barcelona’s Jersey Sponsorship

Joan Laporta to make decision on kit supplier / Edit done by Hafed Almadani
Joan Laporta to make decision on kit supplier / Edit done by Hafed Almadani

Puma offers Barcelona a historic kit sponsorship deal.

The ongoing saga continues between Barça, Nike, and Puma, with the Catalan club and the Oregon-based brand still negotiating their differences while the German sportswear company persists in its efforts to associate with the Blaugrana team, seeing it as a strategic move to bolster its commercial strategy and global popularity; however, the primary obstacle hindering an agreement between the parties is the existing contract between Barça and Nike, which the club deems outdated and has been further strained by certain attitudes of the American company towards BLM initiatives.

With the club’s in-house business division proving profitable and seeking autonomy from Nike’s interference; despite their current contract binding them until 2026, with potential extensions, premature termination could lead to unforeseen legal battles, prompting Barça to explore alternatives to Nike, such as its own brand, developed over a year, potentially serving as a stepping stone towards a partnership with Puma, who, while unwilling to engage in legal battles with Nike, according to Ivan San Antonio of SPORT has escalated its offer to secure Barça’s jersey sponsorship, with a lucrative proposal including fixed amounts ranging from €120 to €140 million annually, along with a €100 million signing bonus, positioning Barça among the highest-earning clubs globally.

However, realizing this deal hinges on resolving the current sponsorship contract, Barça is considering utilizing its own brand as an interim solution, bridging the gap between Nike and Puma for up to two seasons, thereby avoiding legal entanglements, in a complex scenario involving multiple vested interests and potential outcomes, with time pressing and Puma making significant strategic moves.