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Robert Lewandowski Imparts Knowledge on Barcelona’s Young Stars

Robert Lewandowski with Lamine Yamal / Getty Images
Robert Lewandowski with Lamine Yamal / Getty Images

Lewandowski spoke with TVP Sport about the Barcelona youngsters.

Robert Lewandowski is already a seasoned footballer who has experienced everything throughout his illustrious career. His experience allows him to observe and analyze everything that happens around him with the perspective that only years can provide. According to Ivan San Antonio of SPORT, however, this does not prevent him from continuing to enjoy his time at Barcelona, a challenge he embraced without hesitation and which, in his second season, allows him to continue learning new things.

The current Pichichi and La Liga champion not only brings football, goals, and personality to the team but also personally involves himself in the growth of the younger players. He discusses this in an interview with ‘TVP Sport’, where he expresses his concerns during this stage of his career at Barcelona: “Over these four or five years, I have changed and have a different view on certain matters. The path you take in life teaches you many things. These are things you don’t learn in books.”

Despite everything he has experienced, Lewandowski continues to enjoy football and is surprised every day. This season, for example, he is amazed by one of Barcelona’s academy players who has broken into the first team, Pau Cubarsí: “It has been a long time since I saw a center-back, especially at that age, breaking lines with such ball control and calmness,” he says about the defender, adding that “he is a great person.”

The Pole also has words of praise for Fermín López: “He is a guy who loves to work hard and can progress.” The arrival of young players in the elite allows him to reflect on everything surrounding football today: “The people around them must be prepared for what might happen if things don’t go well.” In that sense, he comments that “it’s a different generation, with Instagram, social media, it’s harder. And they can’t escape it, stay within four walls. It’s the challenge of football.” That’s why Lewandowski doubts “whether these players will be able to mentally withstand ten, twelve, or more years. The pressure is enormous, and few people will be able to face it.”