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Sergi Roberto: “I am going to keep fighting”

Sergi Roberto in action during the match between Cadiz CF and FC Barcelona/ (Photo by Jose Breton/Pics Action/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Sergi Roberto spoke in an interview in which he addressed several topics including him getting whistled by the fans at the Camp Nou, getting a spot in the national team for the Nations League, the possibility of winning something with the Spanish team, among other things.

Sergi Roberto sat down for an interview with Sport. He talked about several personal and professional moments experienced by him since the start of the season and the club and the international level.

This is what he had to say :

On the victory against Italy :

“I feel very good, very happy. We come from winning against Italy, which had a 37-match streak without losing. Winning at home and playing in a final makes us very happy. Now we are preparing the game against France with a great atmosphere in the team.”

On reconnecting with the national team :

“In the national team, you meet new teammates, each one with a different situation and you come together for the same goal. First, beat Italy and then try to beat France. At the club, things are not going all that well or as we all would like and a change of scene is going well for everyone. To charge your batteries and come back stronger than ever. I’m really excited. Winning a tournament with the national team is always something very nice. I know it is not the European Championship or a World Cup, but we are playing one more title and we want to win it.”

On being whistled by the Barça fans :

“I’m not going to fool you, that day I was very messed up. Both the day of the game and the following days. It had never happened to me and it’s disgusting. I have been a player who has spent his whole life at the club and things like that, nobody likes them. If it didn’t affect me, it would be a problem. It would mean that I don’t care but I do care. Things will be better. There is a noise that does not help, but we must all go together and be more of a team than ever. Show ourselves as a club stronger than ever with the fans. We have to carry it out together. I’m sure we will. This will be when the results accompany since bad results make everything more difficult. I am convinced personally and with the team that things will get better. I started the season with two goals and one assist. This is why I was a bit surprised by the whistle. You have to respect everyone’s opinion and use it as extra motivation to work more, compete better and face it in this way. I’m like this. If I am known for something, it is because I will not stop fighting and I will always work to the fullest. I have done it from day one and will continue to do so.”

On his current feelings :

“When things are not going well, it is more difficult to be content and be happy. But you have to draw strength from everyone. The common goal is for things to go well and win. It’s a shame because in the preseason things were going very well, the atmosphere in the team was spectacular and we were very happy, but the results have not been good. We know the team we have, we must fully trust and be more united than ever. The group is spectacular and we deserve that things go better for us.”

On the criticism Luis Enrique received after the Euros :

“If someone criticizes him, I do not know what reasons he will have. Luis, since he arrived, has shown that he has done the best for the national team. In the Euros, they were the best. I could not be with the squad, I saw it from home, but Spain was the favorite at stake. We have planted ourselves in another final, with young players, with debutants, and in very good dynamics. I was lucky enough to be with Luis Enrique at Barça for many years, at Barça B the first team, and now in the national team. He is one of the best coaches in the world without a doubt.”

On his preferred position :

“What I like is to play, but since I was little I have played in the middle and I started this season in the middle scoring two goals and giving an assist. I like this position. At Barça, I have started this season as a midfielder, I have played as a wing-back, but I have always been a midfielder, that’s where I enjoy the most.”

On his contract renewal :

“The president has already spoken. This summer has been very busy, there have been many things, and there are still many things around the team and everything. As the president has said, I am confident that we will reach an agreement soon.”