Spanish Federation Eyes Euro 2024 for Emerging Talent Pau Cubarsí

Pau Cubarsi / FC Barcelona
Pau Cubarsi / FC Barcelona

The RFEF hasn’t ruled out Pau Cubarsí joining both the Euro and the Olympics this summer if he keeps progressing.

The explosion and progression of Pau Cubarsí have surprised almost everyone. According to Alfredo Martinez of SPORT, even the Spanish Federation sees in him an emergence as significant as that of Ramos, Puyol, or Piqué once did. High praise indeed.

With caution, but the expectations for the Girona-born center-back are immense. The Federation does not rule out his inclusion in the Euro this summer in Germany and the Paris 2024 Olympics if he continues this tremendous progression in the coming months.

The final Euro squad will be announced at the end of May, and there are high chances that Cubarsí will make the cut. While they must be cautious, the selection staff are convinced he will soon become a cornerstone of the defense. It has been a while since they’ve seen a center-back with such progression. His performances against Athletic Bilbao and Mallorca were marvelous, confirming the high expectations placed upon him.

When concerns arise about the risk of summer burnout for the player, as happened with Pedri, the Federation believes it may not be the same. He’s already on the preliminary list for the upcoming friendlies against Colombia in London and Brazil at the Bernabéu at the end of this March. If he makes the squad this Friday, his chances of going to the Euros will be considerable. The same goes for Yamal. It’s shaping up to be a hot and eventful summer.