Suárez: “I can leave proud and satisfied after these six years”

Luis Suarez of FC Barcelona arrives at the Joan Gamper Ciutat Esportiva /DAVID RAMOS /GETTY IMAGES

After completing his move to Atletico, Luis Suárez spoke in a press conference during his farewell ceremony at the Camp Nou, today. The Uruguayan talked about his time in Catalonia, affection for Barça and more.


“It is very difficult for me. First of all to thank the club, which trusted me after a mistake I made before signing. I will always be grateful for the treatment I received. Everyone knows the effort”.

“I leave many friends here. A human being who has feelings is leaving. Thanks to my family, those are the ones who have endured and lived everything with me. The good they have enjoyed and in bad they have encouraged me. But I keep everything nice. May my children see me lift trophies, and may they see me next to the best in history. That will remain for me. I thank the fans for all their affection, who value me, and that I will never forget. Many thanks also to the staff. They will always have one more culé wherever they are”.

“Getting here is a dream come true. I didn’t even imagine reaching these numbers. I can leave proud and satisfied after these six years”.

“There are many years, many memories. I keep getting the flashbacks of my first League, a Champions League, and scoring goals. After the farewell, each player has their way of life and I keep it to myself.”

“What must be appreciated now is that I have to feel proud. There are always people in agreement.”

“It was a crazy month. To say many things that one invented. They have been invented, they have been leaked, and there are things that you are outraged of. Afterward, everyone knows my relationship with Leo. When I arrived at Barcelona, everyone said “Be careful with Leo”, but the time we were together we tried to perform at our best.

“I already thought about it. It is past. I feel capable of competing in the League and with a lot of desire. More after last year. I will continue competing, with enthusiasm and new goals.”

“The player and the club have many changes left to do. The coach did not count on me. I leave with the feeling that I have fulfilled everything. Overcoming great players and happy to leave a beautiful image. May they remember me for all the good that I have done in the club.”

“When the coach told me about it, I already knew it because it had already been done. I was going to continue working and that they would respect me until I found a new solution. The coach had no problem.”

“When Barça put me on the market, there were many calls. I felt capable of going to a team to compete as equals. I am very attracted to the new challenge. The matches against your former team are special. I know them, I already told some of them. Defending what is ours. It will be nice.”

“Reproach me or ? (Looks at the president) We have to be self-critical in the Champions League. I have played with discomfort, with injuries, but I do not blame myself for anything. I am proud. It’s hard to accept leaving, but it’s reality, and these are the things that happen in the world of football.”

“I have spoken with Diego and Antoine. I am leaving with great enthusiasm and expectations. They have always been fighting for the League and reflects that it is a competitive and ambitious team. I hope to achieve something important with this new team.” 

“Leo knows what I think and I know what he thinks. We are already adults. I have already faced Messi with the national team and this is not going to change our relationship. We will not mix.”

“I am eternally grateful to my life partner. I have had a streak of bad time and she has always supported me. This is fundamental. My family trusted me and there are people who are hurt but we shouldn’t take away the prominence from six wonderful years.”


“It is a very special day. Nobody is aware that because of his charisma and the feeling we have, it is a very special day. He is a legend in the club’s history, with 13 titles and the third-best scorer. He has contributed so much to us that today we have a huge thank you to him.”

“I remember that from the first moment Suárez was our man. Luis opted for Barça with enormous strength. I want to highlight his contribution to character and fight. On behalf of all the Catalans in the world, I thank you. May you be very happy on and off the pitch. For you and your family, Barça is your home forever.”

“I hope Luis can have his tribute match at the Camp Nou.”