Suárez: Lautaro ‘a great forward’, open to Neymar return

Luis Suárez celebrating a goal against Inter Milan. / GETTY IMAGES
Luis Suárez celebrating a goal against Inter Milan. / GETTY IMAGES

In a recent interview with Mundo Deportivo, Barcelona forward Luis Suárez opened up about Lautaro Martínez, Neymar, and his own future with the club.

Luis Suárez has, in confinement, been interviewed by the Spanish news outlet Mundo Deportivo. During the interview, he was asked about the rumors linking Argentine forward Lautaro Martínez to Barcelona, the talk about Neymar making a return to the Camp Nou, and the Uruguayan’s own future, among other things.

The Uruguayan did not hide his admiration for both players, but emphasized that the situation the world is in makes it difficult to focus on the footballing aspect of it.

“It is difficult to talk about players today. The situation that the world is in today makes it complicated to talk about who can join [Barcelona],” the Uruguayan told Mundo Deportivo.

“But, yes, I can talk about what they are like, as players, and they are great players. Obviously, everyone knows Ney, and we know the appreciation that we have for him in the dressing room. [The affection for him] as a player is indisputable, as he has a lot to offer. He would always be welcome in the dressing room because of the affection he has,” Suárez explained.

The forward proceeded to talk about a striker that has taken Europe’s televisions and front pages by storm: Inter Milan’s Lautaro Martínez.

“Lautaro [Martínez] is a player who has been growing a lot in Italy. He is a ‘nine’ who has spectacular movement, and that reflects how great of a forward he is,” he explains.

As is the case with many clubs when recruiting new players, Barcelona has its preference in terms of profile, when it looks towards buying a new player, even if it is one who could take up an already existing spot. Luis Suárez emphasizes that he is not scared of competition, but instead feels that it betters the team, as long as all the players are working towards the same objective.

“It is not about being compatible, but it is about being happy with the club wanting to bring in players who come [to Barcelona], help [the team] and fulfill the objective that is the same for everyone: to win everything,” the striker said.

“After that, when it comes to competition that always will be in the team, we will always be on the same side. So, players that come to fight for a place and help the team will always be welcome. It will always make [the team’s situation] better and [it] will strengthen the group,” he explained.

With Suárez aging, and with his contract running out in 2021, the time to hang up the boots slowly edges closer. The Uruguayan is determined to, at the very least, fulfill his current contract, on which there is an option to renew for an additional year subject to an agreement from both sides of the table.

However he does not believe now is the time to think about his future, with the coronavirus pandemic affecting countries all around the world.

“I have a contract with the club, and I do not have anything else in mind but to fulfill this contract. Afterwards, the moment will definitely come, where the club and I will sit down and talk, as the relationship between us always has been good,” the 33-year-old forward tells Mundo Deportivo.

Since joining from English side Liverpool in 2014, Luis Suárez has in 270 performances under his Barcelona belt scored 191 times and set up 108 goals, and has not received a red card since June 30, 2010.