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Ter Stegen’s Perspective Ahead of Crucial UCL Clash

Ter Stegen / FC Barcelona
Ter Stegen / FC Barcelona

Recap of Marc Andre Ter Stegen’s press conference ahead of the match against Napoli.

FC Barcelona’s goalkeeper, Ter Stegen, is gearing up for a crucial clash in the Champions League against Napoli. As the anticipation builds, Ter Stegen shares insights on various aspects surrounding the upcoming match and his team’s journey. Here are some direct quotes from him:

“We always want to keep a clean sheet and, perhaps, with a goal you can make the difference. We are achieving it.”

Speaking about Napoli’s development, Ter Stegen remarks, “The new coach was already there in the first leg. They are a very competitive team, they have improved a lot in these weeks. We are doing our thing. Whether they have changed the coach or not, it doesn’t affect us.”

On managing pressure, he states, “The more we focus on football, the better it will be. If we start thinking about other things, we are wrong. We all want to get through the phase tomorrow. Nothing more to say. Let’s do our thing.”

Reflecting on young talent Cubarsi, Ter Stegen praises, “As a footballer, at his age, he is doing a spectacular job… He is in spectacular shape and we have to take advantage of it.”

Discussing Barcelona’s Champions League aspirations, he says, “We deserved to get through the group stage after two years… We all want to hear the Champions League anthem and we are excited about this possibility of continuing.”

Regarding Napoli’s attacking prowess, Ter Stegen notes, “In the first leg we knew how to defend them very well… We will try to make their lives as difficult as possible.”

Commenting on his milestone of 400 games, he expresses, “I hope there will be many more games than the 400, I am proud to defend this shirt.”

On tactical adjustments, he mentions, “Christensen as a midfielder gives us more balance between lines in defense and attack… I see him with confidence and calmness.”

Analyzing Napoli’s strengths, he highlights, “Their strength is to have the ball… We have to continue defending.”

Speaking about his leadership role, Ter Stegen admits, “It is always difficult to talk about yourself… I want it to be noticed that I am there.”

In a message to the fans, he says, “Every game is important. We are going to fight for everything. I am looking forward to tomorrow to enjoy the game.”

Reflecting on injuries and the support of backup goalkeeper Inaki Pena, he shares, “Every injury has its points of low spirits… Iñaki has given us a lot of peace of mind.”

On Xavi’s departure, Ter Stegen expresses, “It is difficult to accept his departure, as a player and as a friend… He is a great coach, who has helped us return to this level.”

Finally, on Hansi Flick, he remarks, “It is not the day to talk about Hansi… Tomorrow we play the most important game of the season.”