The dilemma of Sergi Roberto’s contract renewal

Sergi Roberto / Getty Images
Sergi Roberto / Getty Images

Is Xavi right in pushing for Sergi Roberto to stay?

The footballing world is often characterized by tough decisions, and Barcelona is currently facing one such dilemma regarding the potential contract renewal of Sergi Roberto. The seasoned player, who has been a loyal servant to the club, presents both positive and negative aspects to consider. In this analysis, we’ll delve into the various factors surrounding his potential contract extension and assess the implications for Barcelona’s future.

Positive Aspects

Xavi Hernandez’s support

One of the key factors supporting Roberto’s contract renewal is the backing from manager Xavi Hernandez. The former Barcelona maestro sees Roberto as a crucial player for both the squad and the dressing room. His experience and versatility make him an asset that Xavi values, especially in terms of influencing the team’s dynamics.

Financial prudence

Roberto is reportedly willing to accept a significantly lower salary, similar to Barca Atletic level wages. In a time when financial constraints have plagued many football clubs, having a seasoned player willing to contribute at a reduced wage is a positive aspect that can positively impact the club’s financial health.


Sergi Roberto’s ability to play in multiple positions, with the exception of striker and goalkeeper, is a valuable asset for any squad. His versatility provides Xavi with options in various tactical setups, allowing for flexibility during matches and providing cover for injuries or suspensions.

Negative Aspects

Squad space utilization

One of the primary concerns with renewing Sergi Roberto’s contract is the potential occupation of a valuable squad space. With Barcelona aiming to rebuild and integrate younger talents, retaining an aging player might be perceived as hindering the development of emerging talents who could benefit from more playing time.

Sergi Roberto / Getty Images
Sergi Roberto / Getty Images

Limited playing time

In a squad with optimal fitness levels, it is anticipated that Sergi Roberto may find himself on the fringes, getting limited playing time. This raises questions about the wisdom of renewing the contract for a player who may not be a regular starter and whether this decision aligns with Barcelona’s long-term objectives.

Transition to a new era

The departure of stalwarts like Gerard Pique, Sergio Busquets, and Jordi Alba marked the end of an era at Barcelona. Some argue that retaining Roberto might hinder the transition to a new generation of players. The need for fresh blood and new leaders in the team becomes apparent, and letting go of veterans may be seen as a necessary step.

Performance concerns

There’s a risk associated with relying on Sergi Roberto during a season where his performance might not meet the required standard. This could lead to frustrations among fans and management if the player is unable to deliver when called upon, potentially impacting the team’s overall performance.

Captaincy transition

With the departure of key figures in the squad, there is a call for Roberto to follow suit and hand over the captaincy to the emerging leaders. This symbolic gesture is seen by some as a way to mark the end of an era and fully embrace the dawn of a new chapter in Barcelona.

In the intricate world of football decisions, the potential renewal of Sergi Roberto’s contract at Barcelona is a multifaceted issue. While the support from manager Xavi Hernandez, financial prudence, and the player’s versatility presents compelling arguments in favor of the renewal, concerns about squad space, limited playing time, transitioning to a new era, potential performance issues, and the symbolic act of passing on the captaincy highlight the complexities involved.

Ultimately, the decision will depend on how Barcelona weighs these factors in the context of its long-term vision and the team’s immediate needs. If Xavi Hernandez retains his managerial position at the end of the season, the chances of Roberto staying for another season are notably higher. However, it’s acknowledged that parting ways with Sergi Roberto wouldn’t spell the end of the world for the manager and the club, as Barcelona moves forward in reshaping its identity and competitive edge.