Thomas Tuchel emerges as an option for Barcelona’s managerial position

Thomas Tuchel / Getty Images
Thomas Tuchel / Getty Images

The option of the German coach is one of those that the club is considering to replace Xavi.

Thomas Tuchel replaced Nagelsmann at the helm of Bayern Munich in March 2022. He clinched the Bundesliga title at the end of the season, marking the eleventh consecutive win, a feat unprecedented in the history of professional football in any country. However, this season, Bayer Leverkusen is posing a challenge, and there’s some unrest within the Bavarian team, accustomed to dominating in Germany.

Some voices within the club are starting to speak out. Lothar Matthäus, for instance, criticized the coach’s work in his collaboration with Sky Germany. Bild reproduced his statements after the defeat that saw the team’s lead reduced to five points, a significant gap in the German competition. The Bayern Munich legend was not pleased that some key players were not starting: “I was very surprised that Bayern sidelined the Bavarian DNA stars in the matches. If I were Tuchel, I would have relied on De Ligt, Kimmich, and Müller, especially against Leverkusen. But no, Bayern has been playing with a back four for a year, and when the team needs security the most, it switches to a back three.” He didn’t stop there: “All the decisions were wrong. Tuchel did his best and took risks, but it seemed like he wanted to prove something to everyone, and unfortunately, it didn’t work.” Despite this, Bayern’s CEO, Jan-Christian Dreesen, preferred to deflect: “Nothing changes at all.” He later added, when pressed on the issue, “I don’t like to repeat myself.”

“There will be internal discussions.” The truth is, there’s some unrest in Bavaria, and Tuchel’s future in Bayern’s dugout next season is not guaranteed. According to Ivan San Antonio of SPORT, his name has been linked to Barcelona, and indeed, he is one of the names on a long list, although favorites exist, nothing is set in stone. Matthäus is clear when asked if the coach’s future is shaky: “It wouldn’t be miraculous if it were.

There will be internal discussions, there must be. Anything else would not be characteristic of Bayern.” Barcelona is on standby, considering several names. Tuchel, facing issues within the Bavarian locker room and increasing tension, is one of them, but also in the mix are Flick or De Zerbi. Even Klopp, Laporta’s forbidden dream.