Vote of censure: 1/5 of signatures have been counted – 98% are valid

The promoters of the vote of censure against President Bartomeu / Image: JORDI FARRE/ @JordifarreFcb

3,734 signatures in the vote of censure have been counted, and 98% of them have been confirmed valid, according to Radio Catalunya.

Last week, the club announced that the campaign “Més que una Moció” had gathered 20,687 signatures. This week, the club started the process of validating those signatures, and so far, 78 of the first 3,734 signatures have been deemed invalid.

Earlier, Alfredo Martínez reported that 32 of the first 1,500 signatures were declared invalid. 

If we were to assume that there are 32 invalid signatures for every 1,500, then we can calculate 441 signatures in total would be deemed invalid. The campaign would then be left with 20,246 signatures, which is still far above the required 16,500.

16,500 valid signatures are needed for the vote of no-confidence to go ahead. A referendum would follow, where at least 2/3 of voters would need to vote in favour of sacking the board, for the campaign to be successful.

If there is a 2/3 majority against the board in the referendum, the board will have to step down with immediate effect.

Last week, the club formed a vote of censure board, who would be responsible for validating the votes for the campaign. Among those are: 2 promoters of the campaign, 2 Barcelona board members, and a delegate of the Catalan football federation.