Vote of no confidence launched against Bartomeu

Josep Maria Bartomeu, en una situación delicada como presidente del Barça | SPORT
Source: SPORT

With Messi’s situation heating up, pressure on president Bartomeu has risen even further with the launch of the vote of no confidence on Friday.

The vote of no confidence against Bartomeu and the rest of the board was presented this morning through a press conference. This vote of no confidence demands immediate resignation of all the board members and appeal all the socis to turn up to sign it as the club is going through a very complicated moment.

Marc Duch, president of ‘Manifest Blaugrana’, has been in charge of taking the motion on behalf of the three presidential candidates, Víctor Font, Jordi Farré and Lluís Fernández-Alá and also eight groups: Compromissaris FCB, Dignitat Blaugrana, El Cor Blaugrana, El Senyor Ramon, La Resistència del Palau, Manifest Blaugrana, Seguiment FCB, and #Noiestwitterbarça. As explained by Duch,  Joan Laporta has not spoken either in favor or against the motion, while Agustí Benedito has made it clear that he does not align himself with said action.

“We demand the immediate resignation of the current board of directors of FC Barcelona. The aim of this motion is to force the resignation of the entire Board and let other people handle the current situation of the club,” explained Duch.

A total of 16,000 signatures are required in 15 business days for the motion to pass, the process is expected to begin in the next few days.