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Xavi Emphasizes Importance of Crucial Champions League Clash with Napoli

Xavi / FC Barcelona
Xavi / FC Barcelona

Recap of Xavi’s press conference ahead of the match against Napoli.

In a recent press conference, FC Barcelona’s head coach, Xavi, expressed his anticipation and determination ahead of the crucial Champions League match against Napoli. Here are some direct quotes from him:

“It is the most important game so far this season. We are prepared and excited. Competing is the key word. The rival is not going through its best moment, but they continue being the current champions of Serie A. We need the fans to experience another great night.”

“I see the two teams as similar. With the change of coach, they seem more comfortable and dynamic… From here on, we have to compete in an ideal scenario. We were better there and it’s time to be that here too.”

“It’s time to turn the tables. It’s time to reach the quarterfinals, it’s an opportunity. It’s a game in front of our fans, we have casualties, but we have no excuses. We have to be brave, we’re not afraid to failing, on the contrary, the need to demonstrate that we have the level.”

“Tomorrow I’m not the important one, the club is. With the unity of Barcelona fans, with the field full, it’s time to live another magical night. I don’t prioritize myself, I prioritize the club and the team.”

“I expect a brave Napoli, that plays from behind, that presses high… It will be a big game and we will have to compete in the best possible way.”

“There are no favorites, it’s 50 percent, the fans do give us a little more favoritism, you have to understand these have to be a pressure cooker.”

“It is managed with confidence, it is an opportunity. It is the best club competition in the world. Let them enjoy it.”

“We have worked on what can happen in each scenario.”

“There is no relapse, but the sensations are not that of being 100%. If everything goes well, he will be there for Atlético Madrid.”

“I see them with different potential. We have had a complicated situation financially. The club has done an extraordinary job. I see the rivals as different, but we can compete with anyone.”

“It is very difficult for a pivot to generate goal assists, but it is very difficult for him to divide. He is contributing more to us than we thought. His change of position is a positive note.”

“The players have taken a step forward. Our relationship has always been very good and sincere… They have taken a step forward for the staff, I had no doubt that this would happen.”

“Montjuïc has to look like Camp Nou. The culés have to come to cheer and make this a pressure cooker. Let them be the 12th player and let the players feel the support.”

“I would say Lobotka… I would like to see him in a club like Barça. He makes a lot of difference for Naples.”

“He hasn’t slowed down today, but he does in almost every game. He is very motivated and eager to do things well. We are prepared to compete.”

“We have played good games against big teams, like Real Madrid, Atlético de Madrid, Naples… Despite not winning. We have to play a game similar to the first leg, but being more forceful in the areas.”

“It is not the idea to change the system or the philosophy. Tomorrow, especially in the Champions League, we have to show our personality and identity.”