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Xavi praises Barcelona’s gritty victory over Celta Vigo

Xavi Hernandez / Getty Images
Xavi Hernandez / Getty Images

Xavi speaks after a positive result against Celta Vigo.

Barcelona secured a hard-fought victory against Celta Vigo, and manager Xavi Hernandez expressed his satisfaction in the post-match conference. Despite a commendable defensive effort, Barcelona conceded a goal due to a lapse in concentration, but Xavi remained focused on the team’s overall performance and attitude.

“We have been well positioned, we have defended well except for Celta’s goal,” Xavi remarked, acknowledging the team’s defensive solidity throughout the match. Despite the setback, he praised the team’s resilience on a challenging field and highlighted their improvement in defensive organization.

Reflecting on the season as a whole, Xavi emphasized Barcelona’s need to endure and grind out victories amidst challenging circumstances. “This season we have to suffer and we seem destined to achieve agonizing victories,” he stated, pointing out the team’s struggles to dominate games and the costly nature of mistakes.

However, amidst the challenges, Xavi drew encouragement from the team’s positive attitude and commitment to improvement. “The feelings are good,” he remarked, highlighting the players’ determination and unity. He emphasized the significance of the winning goal celebration as a testament to the team’s hunger for success.

Xavi also lauded Celta Vigo’s defensive intensity, acknowledging the formidable challenge posed by their opponents. “I have not seen a team so intense in defense for a long time,” he commented, recognizing Celta’s defensive prowess despite their position in the league.

Individual performances also caught Xavi’s attention, with special praise reserved for Robert Lewandowski and Vitor Roque. Lewandowski’s stellar form was commended by Xavi, while Roque’s attacking contributions were noted despite the team’s overall lack of concentration in the final third.

Additionally, Xavi highlighted the impact of young talent Lamine Yamal, praising the 16-year-old’s competitive spirit and ability to make a difference on the pitch.

Barcelona’s victory over Celta Vigo showcased their resilience and determination to overcome obstacles. While acknowledging areas for improvement, Xavi expressed optimism about the team’s progress and their ability to compete at the highest level. As the season unfolds, Barcelona will look to build on this hard-fought win and continue their pursuit of success under Xavi’s guidance.