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Xavi: “We need to give everything and play good football for the fans”

Xavi during a press conference/ SPORT
Xavi during a press conference/ SPORT

Xavi sat down with the media for the pre-match press conference before the match against Sociedad. He talked about the current situation of the squad, Pedri, and the fans among other things.

After losing two consecutive matches at home, Barça face a tough challenge to turn their situation around in their quest to qualify for the Champions League. They face Real Sociedad on Thursday and will be aiming to secure all three points to strengthen their hold on the second place in the table.

Xavi was interviewed by the press before the match. This is what he had to say :

On Real Sociedad :

“It’s a different rival to what we’ve encountered with Cádiz or Eintracht. They will be difficult and complicated rivals. We’ll try to have our weapons and face the high pressure. It will be an attractive game for the fans. The anger is over, there is again the illusion and the desire to do things well. We have entered a negative dynamic but we have to get out now. They are direct rivals for the Champions League spots. It will be difficult but it depends on ourselves.”

On recent performances by the team :

“It depends on the game. At Levante, we played a very good game. On the day against Eintracht, we were not well and on the day against Cádiz it was a mental issue, it was a game to win well. We have emergencies again, we had hoped to fight for the League but it seems that it won’t be possible. We have to play better, compete better, have more faith, more desire. The reality is that we are not competing for any title. We have to be more humble than ever and think that the goal is second place.”

On Piqué’s recent activities :

“He is like that, a very outgoing person who likes to argue with people. In this sense we are antagonists, I prefer to be more prudent and diplomatic. I know him, if he was distracted or lacked concentration I would be the first one to warn him. But this gives him gasoline, it gives him adrenaline, it’s like a drug in the good sense of the word. It’s Gerard, he has given us important performances and we have missed him.”

On his speech to the team :

“I gave the players some reasons and they gave me some reasons. I don’t have dictatorial leadership. They saw in a video that we need to compete better. I wasn’t angry but I said things the way they are. If you have to show a video to display how you don’t compete and Cádiz competes better than you, it’s evidence. You have to have more faith and more desire. We had many crosses and clear chances, we had to win and it was a mistake on our part.”

On how to make the fans happy :

“Giving everything, playing good football, trying to finish second. We’re not going through a good footballing, social or economic moment, but it is what it is. We have to get excited and come back to excite people. We have done it by winning games against big teams. Big stories are written with a good start and we are going to do it, make a reset and try to excite people and return to recover the good game, the dynamics, and the happiness from two or three games ago.”

On the referees :

“As for the referees, I trust the honesty of the referees, they want to do it in the best possible way, and they also suffer for doing their jobs. They have the honesty to do it well, it doesn’t worry me at all. Neither we will be benefited nor will we be harmed. It is a balance. One day you can feel one way and another day you can feel different, but in the end, the balance is put on the same basis for all the teams.”

On the reality of the squad :

“The team is about to play another final against Real Sociedad, which is a direct rival. It is our reality. Two or three weeks ago we were excited about being able to compete in the League, now we are far away. Now, the reality is to compete for second place. We are not as bad as in November but we have to improve our thinking about the present. Tomorrow is a game of six points. We all have to improve from now on. What worries me is that we have to enter the Champions League, there is no other concern.”

On the issue of Piqué and Rubiales :

“It’s very difficult. My opinion is not going to change anything. Piqué did a Twitch and Rubiales is doing a press conference. The questions are for them. I know Rubiales well, he is a noble man, he looks for the good of all, I have experienced it as a footballer. He was one of Levante’s captains and he helped, he was in the AFE and he helped the footballers. I trust Rubiales’ honesty. They have to give explanations. Having a good relationship with Piqué and Rubiales, I think that they both are looking for the good of the great majority.”

On the results :

“I like to win but I already knew it was not gonna be easy. I have to face this reality, it’s my turn but we’re not going to change what we believe in one iota. We have to keep going and trust ourselves. We’ve beaten the greats of this country, Atlético, Madrid, Sevilla, that’s where we have to continue. I’m very stubborn. I’m still positive and we have to continue.”

On Dest :

“Dest played a great game on the day against Cádiz, his performance was very good. Dani did not play against Cádiz because he sprained his ankle against Levante and the day before the match against Cádiz, he left the training ground with discomfort. I asked him to be on the squad list in case we needed him. In terms of commitment, I have zero complaints.”

On Pedri :

“The data says it all. He is a vital player. He is one of the best in the world and he understands our idea. His injury is a very big loss. As is Ansu, Araujo and Piqué. When they are not there, the team suffers.”

On player registration :

“The club is working towards the future but we are thinking about Real Sociedad. We hope that the problems will not be repeated in any way and the club will have the correct situation to be able to register everyone we can.”