Xavi’s Departure Sparks Delay in Barcelona’s Coach Selection Process

The Barcelona baord with Xavi / FC Barcelona
The Barcelona baord with Xavi / FC Barcelona

The process of selecting Barcelona’s next coach is delayed following uncertainties surrounding Xavi’s role and the decision.

The coach operation is proceeding slower than expected at this stage of the season, following Xavi’s surprising announcement of his departure in June. The sports management aims to decide on the new coach by late March or early April to ensure smooth sporting planning amidst the busy summer due to the Euro Cup. Deco has been actively seeking options, narrowing down a list of three or four potential candidates who fit the criteria, but the final steps, including personal interviews and the ultimate decision by Joan Laporta, have yet to be taken and won’t be for the coming weeks, according to L. Miguelsanz of SPORT.

Uncertainties surrounding Xavi’s role have emerged despite external support for the new coach, with internal preferences leaning towards a fresh start, although Laporta insists on evaluating the current project’s limits under Xavi’s leadership first. A decision to postpone all changes until after the Champions League quarter-finals is expected, with Laporta considering extending Xavi’s project if successful. Deco holds authority over transfers regardless of the coach, actively working to secure key signings like Joaos and a defensive midfielder if finances permit, all under Xavi’s collaboration in planning, emphasizing the pivotal role of the Champions League in shaping the club’s future team.