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Blaugranagram is an independent news outlet, dedicated to bringing, analyzing and reporting only reliable news about FC Barcelona, and European football, on a daily basis, to its followers and readers around the world, bringing them closer to the club they love and follow.

While the news outlet has a big presence across different social media platforms, its official website is the home of detailed news reports, analysis, match previews and reports, opinions of our staff members, and much more.

Blaugranagram also is the home of the Blaugranagram Podcast Network.

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Blaugranagram’s legal address, as a company authorized by the Danish Business Authorities, can be found below:

Blaugranagram v/ Omar Hawwash,
Brønsager 86C,
4000 Roskilde,

VAT/CVR number: 42016144

Phone number: +45 93 866 299

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The Staff

Below, you will find all our staff members, what their roles are, an overview of their content on our website, and where to find them on social media, respectively.

The Board of Directors
Omar Hawwash
CEO, Founder and Chief Editor

Omar has been an avid fan of the sport, as well as a Barcelona fan and follower of the first team for years, as well as, more recently Barça B and Barça Femení. In the summer of 2018, he got the idea to make a presence of himself on Twitter. Later, he, having been a sports journalist for years prior, turned it into the news outlet that Blaugranagram is known as today. Additionally, he is a commentator and collaborates with FC Barcelona on the club’s official Twitch channel on match days.

You can find Omar’s articles here.

Joav Pedraza Pérez
COO, editor, podcast co-host

Joav has always loved sports and football, but Barcelona showed him just how beautiful the game can be. He began watching Rijkaard and Ronaldinho’s team but fell in love with Pep’s style of play, and the way Xavi alongside Iniesta controlled the tempo game after game.

He’s also the co-host of The Driven Shot and Blaugranagram en el Johan.

You can find his articles here.

Markus Berg
CCO, news aggregator, social media account administrator

Markus has been a Barcelona fan for years, and follows the team closely. His work for Blaugranagram consists of updating Blaugranagram’s Facebook page, on a daily basis, as well as gathering news reports from the world’s many news outlets.

These are then cited by the news outlet in its own reports when it’s deemed fitting and reliable, and used for the extensive analysis that goes on behind the scenes on a daily basis.

Jordi Besosa
CAO and social media account administrator

Jordi likes Barcelona with a passion, follows the club’s first team, the youth ranks, Barça Femení and Barça Bàsquet closely, and enjoys writing about them as much as he enjoys watching them.

Together with Omar, Markus and Riddhi, he is also part of the Spanish Twitter account’s administrative team.

Tushar Saini
Editor and administrator of Blaugranagram’s English Twitter account

2009 was the year Tushar started following football. He watched a team in red and blue, playing beautiful football and knew he would go on to love this club with all his heart. Since then, he has never looked back.

Tushar’s wish to write for people who love this game came true when he finally got a chance from Blaugranagram to showcase his passion. This day would always be in his heart.

You can read his articles here.

Riddhi Nirkhe
Editor, website match commentator and administrator of the Spanish Twitter account

Riddhi is a sports enthusiast and like to follow various sports but football is where her true love for sports speaks out. She started following football through international fixtures. Having followed the club since 2014,  Riddhi has made herself aware about the club’s history and continues to learn many things about it. Her love for Barca pushed her towards learning Spanish, too.

You can read her articles here.

The Editorial Staff
Boris Pinkse

You can find his articles here.

Yousef Salama

You can find his articles here.

Samuel López
Editor on Blaugranagram’s Spanish side

You can find his articles here.

Juan Specos
Editor on Blaugranagram’s Spanish side

You can find his articles here.

Mehul Mittal

You can find his articles here.

Matevž Kožman

You can find his articles here.

Thomas Marchetti
Editor covering Barca Femení, co-host of Blaugranagram en el Johan

You can find his articles here.

Xavi Ruiz
Co-host of Blaugranagram en el Johan

You can find his articles here.

Joan Barriach
Co-host of the Blaugranagram en el Johan podcast
Martin Blakstad

You can find his articles here.

Oliver Domínguez
Editor and marketing advisor

You can find his articles here.

Christopher Williams
Editor and marketing advisor

You can find his articles here.

Ritvik Singh

You can find his articles here.

Alex Delcid

You can find his articles here.

Hamzah Kazi

You can find his articles here.

José Pablo Rios
TikTok account manager
Sam May
Marketing advisor
Arifin Bin Mahbub
Senior graphics designer
Muhammad Arshan Saeed
Graphics designer


Ahmed Elsayed
Legal Advisor

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