Blaugranagram is an independent news outlet, dedicated to bringing, analyzing and reporting only reliable news about FC Barcelona, and European football, on a daily basis, to its followers and readers around the world, bringing them closer to the club they love and follow.

While the news outlet has a big presence across different social media platforms, its official website is the home of detailed news reports, analysis, match previews and reports, opinions of our staff members, and much more.

Blaugranagram also is the home of The Driven Shot podcast, hosted by the news outlet’s owner and founder, Omar Hawwash, who gives his personal take on the club’s situation, and European football in general. The podcast can be found on all major streaming platforms, due to Blaugranagram being a proud partner of the Big Heads Media network.

The Staff

Below, you will find all our staff members, what their roles are, an overview of their content on our website, and where to find them on social media, respectively.

The Board of Directors

Omar Hawwash
CEO, Founder, Chief Editor and Twitter administrator of the main Blaugranagram Twitter account

Omar has been an avid fan of the sport, as well as a Barcelona fan and follower of the first team for years, as well as, more recently Barça B and Barça Femení. In the summer of 2018, he got the idea to make a presence of himself on Twitter. Later, he, having been a sports journalist for years prior, turned it into the news outlet that Blaugranagram is known as today.

You can find Omar’s articles here.

You can get in touch with him using the links below. 

Jordi Besosa
COO, Editor and Twitter account administrator

Jordi likes Barcelona with a passion, follows the club’s first team, the youth ranks, Barça Femení and Barça Bàsquet closely, and enjoys writing about them as much as he enjoys watching them.

Together with Aina, Omar, and Riddhi, he is also part of the Spanish Twitter account’s administrative team.

You can get in touch with him, using the link below.

Aina Canales
CCO, Editor

Aina is responsible for the content going on across Blaugranagram’s social media channels, and follows the first team, alongside Barca B and the Femení side closely.

You can find Aina’s articles here.

You can get in touch with her, using the link below.

Markus Berg
Board member, news aggregator and Facebook account administrator

Markus has been a Barcelona fan for years, and follows the team closely. His work for Blaugranagram consists of updating Blaugranagram’s Facebook page, on a daily basis, as well as gathering news reports from the world’s many news outlets.

These are then cited by the news outlet in its own reports when it’s deemed fitting and reliable, and used for the extensive analysis that goes on behind the scenes on a daily basis.

You can get in touch with him, using the link below.

The Editorial Staff

Yousef Salama

When Yousef started watching football back in 2008 as a 6 year old, his heart fell in love with Barcelona. He didn’t understand much of what was going on, or how much Barcelona struggled during that season. He just knew within himself that he would follow this club as long as he lived.

As he grew older, his love for the game grew bigger, and Yousef started to write about Barça on his personal social media pages, conveying news as well as presenting his own opinions about the game. With time, he wanted his words to reach more culés, and Blaugranagram presented him with the perfect platform to do that.

You can find his articles here.

You can get in touch with him, using the link below.

Sam May

Living in Barcelona with a huge passion for the club. Currently co-presenter for FC Barcelona’s official Barça Live Match Centre programme based at Barça Studios. Freelance for various news outlets, and previously Digital Media Editor for Dugout covering FC Barcelona.

You can read his articles here.

You can get in touch with him, using the links below.

Tushar Saini
Editor and administrator of Blaugranagram’s English Twitter account

2009 was the year Tushar started following football. He watched a team in red and blue, playing beautiful football and knew he would go on to love this club with all his heart. Since then, he has never looked back.

Tushar’s wish to write for people who love this game came true when he finally got a chance from Blaugranagram to showcase his passion. This day would always be in his heart.

You can read his articles here.

You can get in touch with him, using the link below.

Kevin Ligtvoet

Kevin has been a Barcelona fan since he was a little kid and his love for the club and Ajax brought him into journalism.

He writes tactical pieces as well as news reports, and is a youth team coach.

You can find Kevin’s articles here.

You can get in touch with him, using the link below.

Oluwafemi Olaogun

He has been a Barcelona fan for as long as his brain can allow him to remember. He has witnessed persistent magnificence, and lives and breathes Barça — it’s his way of life. This passion and joy is responsible for his desire to work for Blaugranagram: to recreate this joy, persistently in the hearts of culés all over the world.

You can get in touch with him, using the link below.

Boris Pinkse

Boris is 19 years old and currently studies Spanish at the University of Utrecht, The Netherlands, because of his passion for FC Barcelona and Spanish football. When he was nine years old, he started writing a football magazine about his local amateur side HVV with his dad and Blaugranagram offered him the perfect opportunity to combine his passion for football and Barça with his interest for writing and journalism.

Max Bluer

Max, as an editor, focuses on Barcelona’s B team. He follows Barça B with a keen eye and enjoys writing about them almost as much as he does watching them.

You can get in touch with him, using the links below.

Miquel Blázquez Font

Miquel is a Spanish journalist who loves working as a TV and radio commentator. Miquel likes Barcelona with a passion,
and also follows the club’s first team for Sin Concesiones and Radio Kanal Barcelona.

You can get in touch with him, using the links below.

Riddhi Nirkhe
Editor and administrator of the Spanish Twitter account

Riddhi is a sports enthusiast and like to follow various sports but football is where her true love for sports speaks out. She started following football through international fixtures. Having followed the club since 2014,  Riddhi has made herself aware about the club’s history and continues to learn many things about it. Her love for Barca pushed her towards learning Spanish, too.

As for Blaugranagram, Riddhi loved the work and dedication put into the news outlet. Having followed the outlet since day one, she decided to enquire about a possible opportunity of being part of it.

You can get in touch with her, using the links below.

Samuel López
Editor on Blaugranagram’s Spanish side

He loves sports but my favorite is soccer, and he has been following FC Barcelona’s first team matches since 2008.
His dream is to be an sports journalist and here in Blaugranagram believes that he can showcase his opinions and abilities to culés around the world.

Juan Specos
Editor on Blaugranagram’s Spanish side

Juan is an Argentine football fan. He has followed Barcelona since he was a kid and as a journalism student he also likes to be informed about anything. He also follows the news about Barcelona female since last year. He hopes to finish the career and go to live to Barcelona.
He wanted to be part of Blaugranagram because he thinks that is one of the best pages covering Barcelona, and allows him to showcase his abilities.

Martin Blakstad

Martin follows FC Barcelona closely, and enjoys writing about the club as much as he enjoys watching them. With Blaugranagram, he believes it will allow him to further develop his writing abilities, and allow him to showcase these for fans around the world.

You can get in touch with him, using the link below:

Gandhar Kudalkar

Being a Barcelona fan for years, Gandhar has known and followed the team through thick and thin. With time, he started to learn about the various strategies and tactics of the team and started writing about them.
Gandhar found a great community sharing the same love for his beloved club in Blaugranagram and now works as the editor for the outlet.

Joav Pedraza Pérez

Joav has always loved sports and football, but Barça showed him just how beautiful the game can be. He began watching Rijkaard and Ronaldinho’s team but fell in love with Pep’s style of play and the way Xavi alongside Iniesta controlled the game.

He has always tries to look at the bright side of the team and truly enjoys watching every match.

For him, Blaugranagram is one of the top pages regarding FC Barcelona and jumped at the opportunity of being part of the team. He hopes to achieve great things with the news outlet.


Sebastian Peña
Marketing advisor

Marketing is essential for any business, social media is now the best and cheapest way to market directly to your consumers. Sebastian loves seeing how social media can turn a small business into a multimillion company and this is why he enjoys marketing. He wants to be able to help small businesses grow.

He knows Blaugranagram through the founder Omar, seeing his passion for his brand and commitment to achieving his vision pushed Sebastian into wanting to be a part of the Blaugranagram staff.

You can get in touch with him, using the links below.

María Iglesias Níñez
Marketing intern

María´s been a Barça fan for a while and her love and admiration for players like Xavi and Iniesta is growing on players like Riqui and Ansu Fati. During these complicated times at the club, she’s more passionate than ever about La Masía and this golden era of Barça Femení. Here, in the marketing team of Blaugranagram, she hopes to contribute as much as she can to keep culers informed about the club they love.

You can get in touch with her, using the link below.

You can get in touch with him, using the links below.


Jesse Nuñez
Senior graphics designer

Jesse has been working professionally as a graphics designer since 2010 which also happens to be the same year he started following football and FC Barcelona. As a designer, one of the things that made him fan of Barça was the creativity the team played with.

Jesse believes that working for Blaugranagram seems like a good opportunity for him to learn and experience something new within football as it pertains to Barça. He believes that it allows him to contribute to a growing platform and allows him to keep expanding as a designer.

You can get in touch with him, using the links below.

Nayeem Ahamed
Junior graphics designer, and administrator of the news outlet’s Instagram account

Nayeem follows FC Barcelona’s first team, both through games and training sessions, and updates the Blaugranagram audience about the ongoings in and around the Catalan club through Blaugranagram’s Instagram account.

You can get in touch with him, using the links below.

Baptista Sánchez
Group moderator of the news outlet’s WhatsApp groups

Baptista is passionate about FC Barcelona and follows the team closely, and likes to keep his fellow fans of the club informed about the club’s situations and moves through a social media platform used very frequently in WhatsApp.

Baptista is the moderator of the WhatsApp groups that allow Barcelona fans to stay up-to-date on Barcelona’s on-goings, as well as voice their opinions on these.

You can get in touch with him, using the links below.

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