Blaugranagram is an independent news outlet, dedicated to bringing, analyzing and reporting only reliable news about FC Barcelona, and European football, on a daily basis.

While a lot of the work is done on social media, this website contains detailed news reports, analysis, match previews and reports, opinions of our staff, and much more.

Blaugranagram also is the home of The Driven Shot podcast, hosted by the news outlet’s owner and founder, Omar Hawwash, who gives his personal take on the club’s situation, and European football in general. The podcast can be found on all major streaming platforms, due to Blaugranagram being a proud partner of the Big Heads Media network.

The website will contain news and reports surrounding the Catalan football club, current players on the move, potential transfer targets, or when transfers are close to done, and much more. 

The Team

Below, you will find all our team members, what their roles are, an overview of their content on our website, and where to find them on social media, respectively.

Omar Hawwash
Founder, Owner, Chief Editor and Twitter administrator of the main Blaugranagram Twitter account

Omar has been an avid fan of the sport, as well as a Barcelona fan and follower of the first team for years, as well as, more recently Barça B and Barça Femení. In the summer of 2018, he got the idea to make a presence of himself on Twitter. Later, he, having been a sports journalist for years prior, turned it into the news outlet that Blaugranagram is known as today.

You can find Omar’s articles here.

You can get in touch with him using the links below. 

Aina Canales
Editor, and Twitter administrator of the Spanish Blaugranagram account

Aina is one of the Twitter administrators for Blaugranagram’s Spanish Twitter account, and follows the first team, alongside Barca B and the Femení side closely.

You can find Aina’s articles here.

You can get in touch with her, using the links below.

Jordi Besosa
Editor and administrator of the Spanish Blaugranagram account

Jordi likes Barcelona with a passion, follows the club’s first team, the youth ranks, Barça Femení and Barça Bàsquet closely, and enjoys writing about them as much as he enjoys watching them.

Together with Aina and Omar, he makes up the administration team for the Spanish Twitter account.

You can get in touch with him, using the links below.

Markus Berg
News aggregator

Markus has been a Barcelona fan for years, and follows the team closely. His work for Blaugranagram consists of gathering the reports from the world’s news outlets.

These are then cited by the news outlet in its own reports when it’s deemed fitting, and used for the extensive analysis that goes on behind the scenes on a daily basis.

You can get in touch with him, using the links below.

Andrew Emad
Graphic designer

Andrew’s passion for FC Barcelona and for graphic design go hand-in-hand to produce Blaugranagram’s graphics both in anticipation of, during, and after matches, as well as graphics that are related to statistics or certain reports.

You can get in touch with him, using the links below.

Nayeem Ahamed
Administrator of the news outlet’s Instagram account

Nayeem follows FC Barcelona’s first team, both through games and training sessions, and updates the Blaugranagram audience about the ongoings in and around the Catalan club through Blaugranagram’s Instagram account.

You can get in touch with him, using the links below.

Baptista Sánchez
Group moderator of the news outlet’s WhatsApp groups

Baptista is passionate about FC Barcelona and follows the team closely, and likes to keep his fellow fans of the club informed about the club’s situations and moves through a social media platform used very frequently in WhatsApp.

Baptista is the moderator of the WhatsApp groups that allow Barcelona fans to stay up-to-date on Barcelona’s on-goings, as well as voice their opinions on these.

You can get in touch with him, using the links below.

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