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Barcelona Prefer To Retain Joao Félix Over Joao Cancelo

Joao Felix / Getty Images
Joao Felix / Getty Images

Barcelona is facing uncertainties over Joao Félix’s future amid considerations of positional needs.

Spring has not yet begun, but much has already been written and spoken about Joao Félix’s future. At Barcelona, there are many uncertainties and few certainties, but it is clear that the club would like to continue with the Portuguese player for several reasons. Indeed, sources from the club refute the premise that has circulated in recent months supposedly placing Cancelo at a higher priority level than the ’14’.

The Barcelona board acknowledges that Joao Félix has not yet become synonymous with consistency. However, they also highlight his ability to perform well in important matches, such as against Porto and in the two games against Atlético, for example. Additionally, his preferred position is valued, as other players like Raphinha, Lamine, and Ferran perform better on the right, leaving a shortage on the left. Ansu Fati is not expected to return initially, so the club needs players on the left wing. Exploring the market for this position is being considered, but the few standout players are financially out of reach for Barcelona.

According to Toni Juanmarti from SPORT, the club even dared to assert that the desire to retain Joao Félix is as great as, if not greater than, the desire to keep Cancelo. While Cancelo is considered a top-level player by Barcelona, the team already has Kounde and Balde in the full-back positions, with the emergence of Héctor Fort and Julián Araujo returning next season. In an ideal economic situation, this might not be the case, but the club’s finances are troubled, and if it’s possible to retain Félix at an affordable price, particularly through another loan deal with an option to buy, it will be done without hesitation.

Meanwhile, the player is not unaware of his complex situation. While the obligation of a professional is to take it day by day, they are also human, and sometimes dealing with uncertainty is challenging. Joao is concerned about not knowing what will become of him next season. Moreover, last summer, Atlético imposed a condition to extend his contract until 2029, significantly reducing his salary and thus his impact on financial fair play. This means Atlético now has more negotiating power, as they “lose” less if they decide to keep the Portuguese player, provided that Barcelona does not meet Atlético’s financial demands.