Barça B

Barça B loses to the leader (2-1)

Nico leaded the Blaugrana midfield / FC Barcelona B
Nico leaded the Blaugrana midfield / FC Barcelona B

Barça B lost the match in two set pieces that over-punished a team who deserved better. Gerard Fernández “Peque” scored a goal, but it was not enough to beat UD Ibiza, who distanced themselves from the pursuers in the second phase for promotion to Segunda División.

Barça B visited the Balearic Islands with the illusion of facing the leader of the competition, Ibiza, who completed an excellent first phase by conceding only 5 goals and finishing 9 points ahead of the second place. The García Pimienta’s boys gave it all, and generated more football than an Ibiza side that was very serious in defence.

Barça started the game quite shy, intimidated by the opponent’s entity, and in a face-to-face battle the locals had every chance to win. However, Rey Manaj facilitated the task for the islanders by clearing a corner kick in the opposite direction. The header, however, ended up in Arnau Tenas’ goal without him being able to clear it out despite the stretch.

As a result of this early punch, the “B” awoke and began to make his football. Nico Gonzalez took over the midfield, moved the team and they focused on having the ball. Ibiza reacted by holding back and, less than 15 minutes later, Peque had a fantastic shot in his right leg from the balcony of the area that sneaked into the goal of the home team to match the score.

Until halftime Barça made Ibiza suffer, but in the second half the exchange of blows reigned again and the “Pimi”’s team could not dominate the match again. Jandro Orellana had minutes after his injury replacing Matheus, who was also hurt, and Alex Balde also had some time again, but neither managed to change the course of the match.

With the pace of the match slowing down and less than 10 minutes to the end, another corner play ended with a poor clearance that the home team turned into the final 2-1. The lack of calm, dominance and, perhaps, ambition of Barca B side caused the team to leave empty-handed from Can Misses, a real fort for the island team.

Barça B is now third in the standings, tied in points with Andorra and Nàstic. There are four matches remaining that will really be finals to be able to enter the final Playoff.